Antioxidant supplements that improve the health

dietObesity, in many cases, is a disease that is accompanied by other diseases such as fatty liver, stress and inflammation. This situation is not only increasing in adults but also in children and adolescents , so studies were performed to ensure that antioxidant supplements may be useful for the treatment of obesity.

While there are many causes can result in the development of obesity in many cases is the result of different factors that are themselves pathologist.

Other factors, such as cellular stress and inflammation, causing a metabolic imbalance that contributes to weight gain. While these triggers were observed in adults also are beginning to see in children and adolescents, which mean a future health problem.Therefore, palliative science seeks to stop these processes, one would be supplements antioxidants.

According to some studies, it was observed that children who received antioxidant supplements in complement with an eating plan caused the following effects.

Improved levels of blood fat. Reduced liver inflammation and improved the action of liver enzymes.Improved insulin action and glucose utilization. Using glucose for energy instead of fat transform.

These effects are very beneficial, but it is important to clarify that must be the doctor who provides the right supplement for each child or adolescent, since the requirements differ with age.

Moreover, it is necessary to raise awareness about the importance of changing eating habits and harmful life for others to improve the quality of life of children today that will accompany in adulthood.

Therefore, the best example I can have children and adolescents is their parents or adults. They copy behaviors. Useless to teach theoretically appropriate to eat foods and the importance of physical activity if you are not reflected in their own family environment.

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