Anorexia and Pregnancy

fatMany eating disorders that affect many people, even during pregnancy. It is therefore interesting to know all about them, such as the pregorexia for which you do not miss this article.


You’ve probably heard about anorexia. Well this disorder can also affect pregnant women. This condition is known as anorexia.For some psychologists anorexia is a new eating disorder that affects pregnant women. These women have altered behaviors in order to maintain body weight.

There are several characteristic behaviors that present these women, such as: food necking and excessive physical activity, as well as purging behaviors and binge eating.While there are different degrees of disturbance of conduct all can affect the health of the baby and the woman.

For some therapists a high percentage of women who suffer from this disorder have improvements since their mother role overrides the disorder. They think the baby’s needs and the importance of food to keep them.

But other psychologists for many women can accentuate their previous disorder anorexia, putting at high risk the baby’s life and his own life.

This group of women up by their distorted image and physical appearance over the baby’s needs. Even refuse to suffer any kind of disorder. This deterioration of the picture could be due to hormonal, physical and emotional causes.

If the previous woman become pregnant have a distorted image of it, this disorder is often worse. Even according to some studies, postpartum depression can worsen, in the case of an anorexic or bulimic woman. This situation may also affect the child.


When the baby is born, the woman may feel that her body is not the same, which can trigger a series of inappropriate behaviors they become obsessive behavior towards weight loss such as vomiting, laxatives and diuretics, dietary restriction, etc.

This causes changes in metabolism leading to altered mother milk production, reducing the volume. It can also cause psychological disorders that cause lack of emotional restraint newborn.

Unfortunately, there is a wide assortment of different alterations that trigger eating disorders, with consequences on the health of the baby and mother can be many and sometimes severe.

Therefore, it is important that the family is attentive to possible symptoms or signs if any history of eating disorders.

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