What foods help you lose weight

dietWant to know what are the 6 refined products that you set aside in your diet right now? Because that’s what you’ll discover in this note. Learn what to avoid and what are the possible replacements.


Today, the trend is quite clear in the world of dieting. No longer enough to eat low fat. Reduced calorie or sugar. Now, the steps indicate that the diet to follow, in addition to these classic patterns is carbohydrate and other elements that are comprehensive or having undergone refining processes.

Carbohydrates that come from a source fiber, are more difficult to digest and therefore are longer in the organism. Are more satiating and also demand more body wear the fact consumes.

So emigrate with comprehensive and stay away from refined. Start with these basic foods that you will see in this paper!

Here are six that should have refined as far as possible, to lose weight and be well:

White flour.  When wheat, white flour, the finest, absolutely lost all his property is ground. What remains as the result? Hydrate almost pure carbon with no other property beyond that. However, if you start changing your pasta, your mass or any product in which you need flour for comprehensive no refined flour, you will gain many benefits such as fiber, vitamin B6, magnesium, selenium and other nutrients that appear much smaller in refined flour.

White sugar. Already in itself, the use of sugar in a weight loss diet should be limited or restricted. And the white sugar completely forbidden. But neither will be perfect to replace it with the industrialized sweeteners that do not seem to be very beneficial to say. Get used to take things in their natural sweetness or used stevia, which is natural, preferably organic origin.

White rice. rice also with something similar happens. The fact consume white rice does little in return other unrefined rice. The classic example is usually the traditional brown rice or rice also Yamane. Both have more vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrients in general. For this reason, do not hesitate to replace it in your soups, salads, rice or whatever.

Industrial Milk and milk products. Milk today is not what it was. Dairy products are tapered hyper industrialized and far removed from nature. For this reason, if you have the ability to get raw milk or milk field in your area, replace it with a milk plant that will prepare at home. Try to produce your own yogurt from kefir and lean dairy leaving to go sideways, which are full of refinement and, with few exceptions, leave something to be desired in terms of actual quality.

Hydrogenated or Trans fats. While all fats should be reduced in your diet, they have to be much more refined fats, hydrogenated, Trans. They are completely detrimental to your health and they cost a lot more out of your body. It also happens to animal fats, cholesterol generated. Stay on your side with natural lipids that give you seeds, nuts, olive oil or a piece of avocado.

White salt. Replace it immediately by sea salt or Himalayan salt . They still have sodium, but much less need for salting your meals taste better and have minerals are not lost in its refinement. Anyway, do not forget to limit sodium in your diet, in addition to being bad for the heart, you retain fluid and swell.


Would you have liked these tips? do not have more than encourage you to start making a change in your life. And not only will help you lose weight, but your whole body will feel better without these white poisons and all properties that have whole foods.

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