Weight loss surgery

dietAdditional benefits of bariatric surgery improves quality of life

Weight loss surgery is a practice that has been done several years ago as a treatment for morbid obesity. While the results are positive when losing weight, now they are starting to see extra benefits that improve quality of life, such as reducing the risks of cancer.

The treatment of morbid obesity from a bariatric surgery brings about other health benefits, such as help treat diabetes, dyslipidemia, or reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.

Well, these are the complications related to the known obesity can be reduced with bariatric surgery, but they are not the only ones. Apparently, those who undergo weight-loss surgery reduce the likelihood of cancer.

2.12 cases per 1000 people per year obese suffer from cancer, so it is very important and interesting to establish the benefits of bariatric surgery on cancer reduction. Therefore, a review of 13 studies that focus on cancer incidence after bariatric surgery was performed.

This review demonstrates that such surgery is associated with a reduced incidence of cancer among patients with morbid obesity. This risk was reduced by half to 23 years after the surgery.

It is still unclear whether these results are due to the metabolic changes associated with weight loss, or if this is due to earlier diagnosis related to behavioral changes of those who have undergone this type of surgery.

There are even studies that have evaluated the concentration and function of certain cells that fight malignancies. Although the concentration of these cells did not increase, if their function was modified. After surgery, increase the activity of these cells in a nearly 80%.

As you can read, the benefit of weight-loss surgery beyond weight loss, as it helps those who have suffered from morbid obesity to reduce and control risk factors that hitherto could affect health in serious form.

Remember that weight loss surgery is a big change in your life, why meditate decision and consultation all the doubts you have with your doctor to clear them.

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