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dietA number of useful tips from the fitness instructor

We recently had the opportunity to participate in the contest to win a half-hour chat with Susana Dakidissa. This award was won Lysset, who already enjoyed his advice. Want to know what were they? Here you will count Daki.

Remember the contest was to win a half hour talk with Susana Dakidissa for her to offer you their best tips for losing weight? Well, Lysset was the winner and who finally ended about an hour chatting with Susana. Would you like to know what are the tricks and recommendations given during that conversation were? No one better than the same Daki to tell you what they talked among themselves.

These were the tips for weight loss that gave Susana Dakidissa Lysset:

She is a girl of 22, is studying at the University and has little time. Exactly, that’s what most worries. She can only exercise at night and that time is tired. So I encouraged her to try to do something, however little, as it is always very important to stay active.

I commented as having a proper diet. You know: little white flour and that you change by integrals. Little sugar and salt. Do not dine hydrates; take fruits and vegetables.

I said I try to be very active in their daily lives and q well as burn calories. Enough to try walking, climbing stairs, playing sports in college. That is, even if it is just busy calories are burned if you try to be active.

The abdominal area was one that worried him. So I recommended doing cardio and abs and oblique exercises. But with patience and hard work. Where appropriate they will complicate the schedule, I suggested that I divide your daily routine several times, based on your time availability.

I was also concerned about the genetic issue, since her mother is fat with age and younger was thin. She, now at 22, if it was something Pasadena weight, but not much. But beyond this, it can happen or not, I recommended that a good diet and exercise, it would be much harder to follow the same course.

And these are some of the things he told us how he lived Lysset the award:

I recommended very interesting exercises for the little time I have. That up and down stairs, let abate exercises, try to use the time I have when I wake up or even try to walk back a bit from the University. He also told me that it is not necessary to sweat, as this has more to do with the accumulation of water in the body than anything else.

I also recommended distributing my meals, drink two glasses of warm water with lemon juice half an hour before breakfast. Of course, avoid white flour and replace sugar with honey or directly delete it. Also told me to eat lots of fiber, lots integral.

In final accounts, chatting with loved Daki is a super friendly person has a unique patience is a charming person! And if I am putting into practice your advice and do my exercises I have improved my diet.

Of course, very grateful to Susana Dakidissa for that great advice you have given Lysset and, in a way, you can get help if you are in a similar condition. Lyssett Congratulations to the winner, who probably is already being shaped by the tricks he has given Daki. Issue is encouraged and put into practice!

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