Tips for cooking low calorie meat

dietThose dieters know well that they can not afford fries, weighty sauces, and many other frills that are not welcome, for those who want to get rid of those extra kilos. Here’s how to sharpen your wits to enjoy more meals, especially when it comes to meat. Is there anything more boring than eating a boiled chicken breast? Surely not. This is how we will provide some tips to make your meat preparations remain healthy and equally tasty.

The meats are usually one of the options headers in any diet.If chosen properly, can provide protein, energy, low-calorie, satiety and not so much fat as one might think. This is, of course, if the cuts are lean and well-specific piece that can serve to your diet are chosen.

Some good tricks to your meats stay light:

Marinating never fails: Marinate vaccine, for example meat, it can be very well a mixture of a little red wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a little soy sauce and various herbs such as thyme , oregano or rosemary . Then bake, broil or Grilled kitchen as usual. Less caloric and fatty cuts are indicated.

Do not forget this for the chicken: For a chicken, nothing beats a little mustard, plenty of lemon juice, rosemary and a clove of garlic. This marinade can also be more than fine for a fish. If you choose chicken or turkey, it is always breast without skin.

A bit of pork should not worry: If you want to prepare pork is because then you do not forget some beer, various spices, soy sauce and a little mustard. You should not worry about marinades, because you will not get your calories but full flavor. Always choose care or area that has less fat pig, obviously.

Guise meat: If, however, you like to have some boiled meats, cook them in broth with various vegetables, which may well come to serve as a garnish. Choose a cut, as always, good lean. And not softies first. Cook it with the vegetables and hold to not receive any fat in your cooking method.

If, for example, you are a vegetarian or do not want to know anything with red meat, you can try tofu, textured soy, seta, and other vegetarian preparations can withstand the same type of cooking and treatments receiving a meat usually without any problems.

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