The ideal diet to be fit

lose weightWant to read a note where you explain some nutritional issues that can help you improve your diet? Then do not miss this note with Luis Jimenez, alias Centinel, Bolger and several books on the subject, such as what the science says diet.

Today you can find an infinite variety of theories that can allow you to reach weight loss and healthy life that you intend both. But just how certain are in these versions? What is that really allow you to lose weight? That is the most difficult to determine.

Luis Jimenez, who can certainly know through his bog The Sentinel or his book what the science says to lose weight, it also has its own position. This chemical, curious and skeptical, as he describes himself, will hedge a position in this interview on weight loss and especially food that will surely come in handy. Do not miss it!

What are estimates that are the main causes of obesity and overweight there today?

Obesity is a complex phenomenon whose universal solution does not yet know. It’s pretty clear that the change in eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the main factors, but experts are finding associations most aspects, many characteristic of the modern life: Lack of sleep, stress, lack of exposure to sunlight, etc. And the answer to all these factors also influenced by genetics, clear predisposition.

I think for the next few years we will know the answers slowly, which are much more complex than the universal bit eat a lot and move.

What is your opinion about products refined?

Refined cereal is one of the key raw materials with which large food companies make their products. Cereals and their derivatives, and other foods rich in rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, have been recommended as the staple food for many years. However, the most recent and rigorous studies tell us that a higher consumption of these products is associated with poorer health and fail to prevent or combat obesity.

You think, refined or not, people today consume too many carbohydrates?

I do not think the exact proportion of macronutrients is the key to a healthy diet. If minimum protein, fiber and fat are met, there is no scientific evidence of weight that makes us think that this distribution be as relevant in terms of health.

The food industry: Another guilty overweight?

The food industry, like other industries, simply makes products that consumers buy, optimizing their processes to maximize sales and profit. The same goes for any other product, is part of the capitalist game. Do not think anyone is raised prohibit the sale of televisions or cars, although the use of both is associated with obesity.

In order to ensure citizens are also governments, they have to develop the necessary legal mechanisms that regulate and control the features of the products, in order to balance both sides of the balance. And their advertising and sales, especially among children. And, of course, you have to educate people to learn what to eat.

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