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fatThe winner of the contest had a more than satisfactory experience

Remember the contest for the raw vegan diet that would make Irene Good personalized for the winner? Well. Andres Pastrami took the prize and lost 10 kilos in two weeks. Want to know more about this experience? No you stop reading the note, where both will tell you all about it!

Irene good

A while ago we launched a contest where the prize was to win a week’s raw vegan diet, from the hand of Irene Good. She, nutritionist and expert in raw food, be responsible for preparing personalized plan.

Winner was Andres Pastrami, a native of Mexico, who in his own words concludes that this little, little less, changed his life. Do not miss the experience then everyone!

About Andrew: It’s a 40 year old, who has an omnivorous diet and your goal is to lose weight, and improve their quality of life. It has dieted before and none has managed to lose weight. His favorite food is meat.

This is the diet I gave you:

Diet for a week 100% raw vegan, low in fat and protein, well combined. I pointed out that if you wish, you can extend the term to 2 weeks, and gave him directions to develop menus apart from those provided in the weekly menu themselves. So Andrew has more options and total freedom to fit the available food in Vera Cruz,Mexico, where he lives.

I also gave him some pointers on how I could continue to feed after those two weeks. Possible symptoms that you will experience in the next few days are explained.

Plan made: Met almost 100% indicated the plan. Andrew made two weeks raw vegan diet.

During development, Andrew told me he experienced the following feelings:

Overall it was very good, very lively, with enough energy, without hunger and bloating.

The second day was a little letdown by the belief that he could not pull it off, but I had explained that this could happen and moved on.

For a couple of days I had an upset stomach and slight weakness, this was due to the internal process of removing toxins that happens when changing the diet; I indicated how to proceed: dehydration and rest. And incorporate if necessary-some cooked vegetables or boiled potato at the end of the meal, while the food was not so vitalizing and not generate acute crises of elimination. He did so and was able to continue with the plan.

As was also explained that this could happen, Andrew realized what was happening and that was key to it, not be swayed by fear and continue the challenge.

He lost 10 kilos in 2 weeks! It may seem a lot of weight, but probably slag and toxins were diluted in water and fat. Which is eliminated through the urine and feces at no risk. Now From the drop weight will be continued and gradual.

When one takes a cleansing and healthier food than before, the body uses to eliminate toxins, poisons and mucus accumulated in the body from childhood. These substances are the result of poor nutrition, vaccines, drugs, medication and emotional and environmental pollution. These crises of elimination may become acute, uncomfortable and dangerous.

By making a raw vegan diet that can be made for strictly limited as long detox emergency plan. Such, for example, was the case with Andrew that was 2 weeks but from there you take a personalized and individualized transition diet, adapted to the level of toxemia of each person.

Similarly, anyone looking to adopt a healthier diet must first go through an internal cleansing through diet and systematized fasting transition. Frugivorousness The crudiveganismo and are very healthy ways to feed, but only work on a clean body.

Overall, I think it has been a rewarding experience, both for me, I always learn something from every person I work with and also to Andrew, who managed to change important habits and also lose 10 kilos.

Testimony of Andres Pastrami, the winner of the diet:

Actually I felt really good during these two weeks I’ve been doing the raw vegan diet that Irene sent me. I felt much lighter, without hunger and with enough energy to do everyday tasks. Even felt no abdominal inflammation when reaching the end of the day.

I must confess that, for now, I thought I was not going to do it. But I ended encaminandome and managed to lose 10 kilos in the course of two weeks. That is why I am very pleased to have entered into this competition and I have won.

I had a phobia you eat plenty of vegetables, which is cultural in the region of Mexico where I live, where they eat almost no vegetables. Now go to a restaurant and order vegetables before prefer beef, pork or fish, which was what more used to drink.

Now I start my day with a glass of water with lemon, unsweetened. Midmorning, I take my green smoothie. And atnoon, as some of the salads I suggested Irene. Occasionally also as a stew with a little animal protein. At the end of the day, vegetables with salt, lemon juice and a little apple cider vinegar.

I want to thank A Good Weight Loss and Irene for helping me with this diet, which I think were two crucial weeks in my life.

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