Obesity complicating inactivity

fatObesity and inactivity go hand in hand and is the major problem facing this century. Why? Because inactivity is a cause or consequence of overweight and may in turn be a big problem to lose weight, compared to the decision to lose weight.

Many consider that overweight or obese is only a cosmetic problem. Unfortunately this concept is far from reality as obesity and its complications the lives of many people carry and reduces the quality of life for many others.

But this is not just a problem that is increasing day by day but a lack of exercise or sedentary. This is the great problem that arises in this century.

Sedentary lifestyle and obesity join a cause and a complication of another.When speaking of inactivity, you can not just talk about lack of physical activity, but is a set of individual behaviors in the fact that sitting becomes the dominant position. This position is linked to reduced energy expenditure.

These behaviors occur in different locations or environments, be it in work, school and home, transportation or leisure time.

The problem of physical inactivity is a risk factor for the development of overweight and obesity, among other chronic diseases. But turn an obese person, especially morbidly obese, have physical impairments that further reduce their activity to inactivity-obesity becoming a harmful or vicious circle.

Physical activity is not only beneficial to keep weight but strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves fat profiles and blood glucose, enhances the activity of the digestive system, and improves mood.

Moreover, diet and being sedentary can be a big problem to lose weight because exercise increases metabolism and promotes the burning of fat.

While this is the problem that arises, there is a solution. Although it must be adapted to each person and situation.

Firstly it is important to realize that physical activity means for man as a living being. Need to move, even for small tasks.

Once you become aware of it, begins with movements in line with your body and your condition. Ideally, a doctor will indicate which physical activity is best for you. There are obese people with rheumatic problems who are unable to perform certain exercises, so it is important that a professional guide you and advise you.

People with morbid obesity can also perform exercises, but they should be guided by a physiotherapist as they must regain lost mobility. It is important to remember that there are people whose degree of obesity can not move from his bed.

In conclusion modern life, technological advances, the wide range of foods and stress are common factors that lead people not only to eat but to move less. Therefore, it is essential to begin to realize that the decision not to exercise only brings complications and adverse effects on health and life in general.

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