Mood and Emotional Eating

dietThere are many eating disorders that day are known today. One is the food craving, a disorder characterized by the relationship between mood and emotional eating.

This found that certain people are susceptible to mood affects the way you eat, so that affects health.  One of the lesser-known disorders, but no less important is the food craving.

What is the food craving?

The food craving is the uncontrollable craving for a particular food. This craving is associated with craving and desire to control impossible to eat. Even, it is associated to food addiction.

This is a condition in which the affected person is constantly looking for a particular food.

Smoking can interfere with their daily lives and therefore need psychological treatment. Another feature of this condition is the guilt he feels after consuming such food, a feature it shares with bulimia.

Although present is much study regarding this disease, known q ue adolescents have ever suffered from these episodes.

Factors that can trigger food craving

States of depression or anxiety. When there is depression or anxiety serotonin levels fall, causing disturbed sleep, appetite and mood. C hen the concentration of low serotonin tend to eat foods that help increase serotonin in the blood, such as foods high in carbohydrates, especially simple sugars. It is for this reason that sweet foods are the most chosen, though salty foods like snacks are also preferred.

Other causes would be the female hormonal cycles. Apparently hormonal changes in women can alter the taste of food, so this type of disorder occurs in women.

Very restrictive diets. When you make a very restrictive diet the body senses the lack of any nutrients, because you feel the need to consume foods that contain this nutrient.

Stress and anxiety. It is proved that the distress generates anxiety and creates the need for energy. That is why, in a situation of stress are looking to eat foods rich in rapidly absorbed sugars. Nevertheless, when this happens you eat eagerly, eating too much, generating fault.

Dissatisfaction. Many people may feel dissatisfied in your life, so fill that void with food. Obviously to solve this problem is to find necessary therapy that exists behind the excessive consumption of certain food.

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