How to get Slim figure and beautiful body?

Slim BodyThat you have a slim figure and beautiful body to be beautiful and healthy, flexible and toned, you just need to want it and start taking care of yourself. Need to do leg exercises, exercises for the abdomen, buttocks exercises at home and stretching exercises. Get started now!

Everyone can find time to exercise and self-care! Anyone can lead a healthy lifestyle – this is not difficult.

How often you can hear that the woman / girl wants to feel good about yourself; wants slender, beautiful body; wants to look good and be able to wear any clothes, and not what is now fit or hides the flaws; she wants to be attractive, wants she had a slim figure, etc. But as is often said that: There is no money at the sports club, there is no time to engage in the beauty of the body in the home, such as doing exercises for buttocks at home, and at home it is impossible to deal with, etc. .

A second option, the girl \ woman just does not know what to do, where to start.

I assure you that you can always find time for at least the most basic exercises at home to help you create your slim figure and beautiful body, and maintain harmony and beauty for many years!

It is important to good health and a beautiful body, as well as the habits that lead to achieving it, have become an integral part of your life. Believe that slim figure – it’s real. And then – start to do it, but not on a Monday, and today! Especially since no one says that it is necessary to take a lot at once, to overcome incredible odds and make complex exercise. Start small, do what you can right now, but start to deal with them!

Begin to engage in health and beauty of your body. And gradually you yourself like to feel good, be beautiful, healthier, more flexible, attractive, and you will want more and more time to devote to health and beauty, his body, his physical condition and well-being!

And in order to make it easier to start, I want to offer you a series of simple and accessible exercises that you can do at home, and tell you about some light exercises that can be done in between times, parallel to doing other things.

Before we move on to the exercises, such as exercises for buttocks at home, start with a warm-up.

Warm up first! (Just note that if you have back problems, consult your doctor. Did exercises described below, may be contraindicated for you)!

Any exercise should start with a warm-up to warm up, wake up the body to prepare it to more complex exercises.

Warm-up should cover all the main parts of the body. Good start from the top and gradually go down. Begin.

I propose to start with a simple warm-up. Take the palm of your hand and one of three highly different. Heated palms easily ironed face (always from the center toward the ears), neck (from the center to the sides). Rub the ears (very good-up, improve blood circulation), for this purpose we take the index and middle finger, reveal them as scissors, hold each ear, and so three blocked. Then take his hand and three ears in one and the other side (they will curl up in a tube). Then rub the palms warm the entire body from the shoulders, arms, feet up.

Circles, spins and turns his shoulders and arms.

I propose to begin not with a warm neck, shoulders and arms. Only turn the shoulders back and forth (with two and one by one). Raise and lower the shoulders (first pull to the ears, and then presses the shoulders down). Possible while keeping the whole arm stretched and hand held so if you rely on the table, then they will work more muscles in his arms. Then we rotate the elbows in different directions. Squeeze the hand into a fist and rotate them in the wrist.

Also a good exercise – pull your hands, palms up, clenched his fists, and then raises his fist up and goes down without touching the whole hand. So not only developed carpal joint, but also work arm muscles.

Now we strain / pull hand and start throwing them straight over your head and drop down (with a focus up and then focus down, but do not overdo it, not too hard).

Exercises for the back.

We nominate the chest as far forward (maximum without touching other parts of the body), and then pull it back. You can gradually accelerate the pace and do more emphasis first forward, then backward.

Just displace the rib cage from side to side (as much as possible without moving the other parts of the body).

Makes a turn / twist his whole body, so if we want to look behind the left and then the right, but at the same time Slim figure and beautiful body? No problem!

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