How I can control the urge to eat

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When dieting, a concern that arises is how I can control the urge to eat. To lose to answer this question you need to understand the relationship between anxiety and overweight.


Anxiety is one of the evils of modernity. Silently anxiety begins to gain ground in the lives of many people. This causes changes in habits that may impair health, causing various diseases, among which are overweight or obese.

Between anxiety and obesity there is a special and direct relationship, but to understand what this relationship and how you can control the anxiety associated with increased desire to eat, we must begin to understand what anxiety is.

He is known for food cravings to a state of nervousness or restlessness that appears certain hours of the day and you can generate an uncontrollable desire to overeat, without really having the feeling of hunger.

This problem is one of the most important obstacles that arise when trying to make a diet to lose weight and maintain the benefits achieved over time.

While anxiety is a very important function related to survival, if this emotion is excessive is harmful to health. In fact it is now estimated that over 20% of the world population suffers from anxiety disorder and many of them do not know.

Now if you are aware that anxiety is controlling your eating habits, it is important to know how you can control it.


How I can control the urge to eat?

Psychological help. To control anxiety attack is necessary for several fronts, it is essential to establish the causes. The best way to understand why you are being affected by an anxiety disorder is to ask a professional to help you find the hidden reasons behind food cravings.

Be aware of what happens to you. On the other hand, it is interesting to analyze the hour in which you feel apathetic, because boredom may be a possible cause resulting in snacking or bingeing. It is also important to identify if you are really stressed. So much so that you feel very nervous and / or anxious to take you to find the food in an escape. Sometimes anxiety goes along with depression. Negative thoughts can trigger anxiety that may lead to eating incorrectly in both quantity and quality of food.

Learn tricks and food tips. Have on hand a first aid kit that allows you to turn when you feel that anxiety is controlled. Avoid buying foods rich in sugars and fats. Keep in your pantry or refrigerator fresh foods or foods that can replace light when you have the urge to eat, drink water, or tea light broths, chew gum and walk on in moments you have that feeling of anxiety.

Anxiety can interfere with your life, so it is important to take consciousness of what happens to you to take control of it and can resolve to not interfere with your health.

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