Homeopathy to burn abdominal fat

slimHomeopathy is a variant of alternative medicine that may be helpful to complement allopathic medicine. You can try different causes, among which stands out anxiety about food.

For homeopaths, diseases are cured by substances that occur in healthy people, effects similar to the symptoms manifested by the sufferer.

For homeopathic treatments are very important dilutions to be matched to the cause that induce overweight, and the special characteristics of each person. In conclusion, homeopathy does not treat diseases but sick, so the treatment of obesity will be different and unique for each person.

Overweight, poor fat burning, hormonal imbalance, water retention and toxins are imbalances whose causes are secured in the psycho-emotional aspect that will be treated by homeopathy differently.

What active ingredients can be used in the synthesis of homeopathic remedies?

Focus vesiculate. This homeopathic remedy is used to treat a cause of overweight, such as hypothyroidism.

Phylactery Decade. In appropriate doses may be useful for the treatment of hormonal imbalances that may cause fluid retention and swelling.

Compendium Calcium. This remedy has a lipid-lowering action. It can even be used for the treatment of epidemically.

Graphite. This homeopathic remedy increases fat metabolism.metabolism. Anti monies Corundum. Acts on the liver function and enhances the metabolism of fats.

Antirrhinum. This type of homeopathic remedy helps to treat problems in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats thyroid level.

In addition to these active ingredients that act on fat metabolism, there are others that work by reducing appetite, such as compendium calcium, Clare Carbolic and Prophylactic Decade.

Homeopathy is an alternative therapy that may be useful for the treatment of overweight, which takes into account the reduction in quality of life of the sufferer as well as the possible rebound effect that may occur if the diet or treatment conventionally produced it.

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