Functional food regulating fat metabolism

dietThere are many medicinal plants and foods; if they are integrated into a weight loss diet can help you lose some extra kilos. One of these natural products is the Andean caigua. If you want to know more about this functional food and how groan regulates metabolism, do not stop reading this article.

Ancient peoples throughout the world were aware of the properties of certain foods in order to obtain therapeutic benefits; one of these foods is the Andean Caligula.

This natural product is considered a functional food because it can help, after consumption, improve overall health but has specific properties. Apparently has the power to regulate fat metabolism.

How does it work?

Certain active ingredients act on adipose tissue and blood fat concentration. Taken these fatty acids, which are derived cells to use for energy. Moreover, a percentage of these fats are derived from the liver and transform them into high-quality fats.

Besides acting as a biologic food, caigua has other benefits that can help you lose weight, such as antioxidant benefits.

Such fruit is composed of minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin C to reduce the action of free radicals and improves fat utilization as fuel.

It is also rich in fiber and potassium; two compounds that help cleanse the body in two different ways. The first stimulates peristalsis and second increases dieresis and reducing fluid retention.

How you can get your benefits?

Well, caigua can be consumed both raw and cooked; although you can get it in health food stores or diet in extract form. In the latter case, you need to control your marketing is permitted by an official health agency.

This natural product helps to control other risk factors associated with obesity, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and liver and intestinal problems.

The caigua like other foods can be included in a diet to lose weight, which will help you to have bigger and better results. Do not forget, the more you know the properties of the same, get better benefits.

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