Exercises for double chin

dietSometimes you can be thin or have a normal weight, but some body parts may not be consistent with the rest of your figure, such as jowls. To do this, if your double chin you’re worried you can think of different options, such as exercises or acupuncture.

The protruding skin fold at the bottom of the neck, known as Gill can occur whether you are overweight and if your weight is normal.

If being overweight is required on a diet that allows you to lose the extra kilos and complements with exercises or application of acupuncture for reducing or eliminating jowls.

To understand a little more in depth, I’ll tell you how to act both techniques.

How does acupuncture on the chin?

Acupuncture is an Eastern technique that is used to treat various diseases, but also used as a cosmetic technique.

From certain point’s stimulation, acupuncture causes release of certain organic substances that activate the movement, reset the internal balance and improve general skin condition, resetting the tone and reducing sagging that may be causative of the onset of Gill.

Even you combining facial acupuncture and body acupuncture comprehensive treatment is accomplished with excellent results potential internal harmony, which is reflected in the image.

One of the advantages of the application of acupuncture compared with other cosmetic treatments is that it is not aggressive treatment.

After the needling in parts similar to other invasive treatment results are achieved, such as the skin stretch and return of muscle tone.

In addition to acupuncture, there are certain exercises that can you or a beautician that can help you reduce double chin. Some of them will only take a few seconds and are very easy to perform. Of course, you need perseverance and dedication to get the results you want.

Do not forget that there are non-invasive alternative that can improve your physical appearance. If these treatments can accompany it with a weight loss plan or weight maintenance, but the results will be better not only durable.

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