Excessive weight to cause health complications

dietThe morbid obesity has become a global epidemic that is difficult to control, so it is constantly looking for how to influence the quality of life and those who suffer from this disease. Apparently, excessive weight can cause many health complications, which reduced to 14 years life expectancy.

Known as morbidly obese persons who have a greater than 40 or greater than 35 with the presence of other diseases associated with obesity BMI.

Unfortunately today, obesity is one of the most difficult diseases to control and which not only reduces the quality of life of the sufferer but subtracts years to your life . Apparently, and according to some research, this disease reduces up to 14 years life expectancy.

People who are overweight are more probable to develop diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, liver problems and kidney problems, among others.

These health complications in the morbidly obese produce an important reduction in life expectancy compared with people with normal weight.

According to scientific studies, it appears that there is a direct relationship between weight and risk factors for life. That is, at the peril of body weight life.

To this serious is the problem of obesity, grade III obese people have a life expectancy equal to or less people who smoke and who have a normal weight.

These data are important because obesity is increasing and often underestimates considering it as a cosmetic problem. Nothing is further from reality, obesity is much more than being fat or not being fashionable is a disease that is increasing and that can take many years of life to those who suffer.

It is therefore very important to be aware about healthy eating and the importance of physical activity, not only to prevent weight gain but a premature death.

Remember that if you feel an uncontrollable urge to eat, you need to consult your doctor to investigate the causes that are causing this adverse health habit.

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