Energizing and detoxifying juice

dietIf you feel tired and some kilos more, perhaps you are the victim of a poor diet that takes away energy and intoxicate your body. If this happens nothing better to include a liquefied parsnip, apple and lettuce in your diet. This smoothie is detoxifying but energizing.

For many it is difficult to understand that having some extra kilos can mean being malnourished. Well, so lots of times.

Sometimes fatigue and lack of vitality go hand in overweight , as the lack of essential nutrients in the diet cause on the one hand an increase of waste and toxins in the body, and secondly a covert cause malnutrition.

Both situations can be corrected with a diet low in calories but containing balanced smoothies or juices allow you to detox and give back lost vitality. I invite you to prepare this recipe.

But energy detoxifying juice


1 green apple

1 small parsnip

3 good clean skin but carrots

2 leaves of lettuce.

1 handful of spinach.

5 chopped walnuts.

Water as.


Place fruits and vegetables cut into small pieces in a blender and process. If you want you can add a little water.

This smoothie is ideal to consume at breakfast or a snack. Can even drink it before lunch and see how you ravenous hunger and eat less.

Every one of the ingredients in this shake has detoxifying properties that help you remove debris preventing cellular function , as well as provide you macro and micro nutrients that give you energy and vitality to your diet.

Remember that losing weight is not synonymous or not eat bad food, on the other hand if your diet is full but low in fat, simple sugars and calories will be the best results.

Do not forget that this shake itself not only make miracles, must be accompanied by a specially designed diet for you. Moreover, to increase metabolism does not forget to add physical activity to your life.

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