Burn fat and lose weight

exerciseIf you’re looking to increase your metabolism but do not know how, I suggest 3 Easy and daily exercises to help you achieve it. You will not need much time or space only want to burn fat and lose weight.

One of the secrets to losing weight is to increase metabolism to achieve this it is important to address different aspects, one is physical activity.

Physical exercise, especially aerobic mobilizes fat tissue to take fatty acids found in it and use it as energy. To do this, I will present 3 easy and daily exercises that will help boost your metabolism.

Exercise 1. Very easy, do not spend too much time sitting, no more than half an hour. If this happens, stop and start walking for 10 minutes. If you have small weights while you walk takes the weights and exercise with arms you can do 2 or 3 reps every 10 moves.

Exercise 2. If you have stairs, take it, are an excellent aerobic exercise. Walks up and down stairs for 5 minutes, rest for 5 minutes and walking up and down again for another 5 minutes .

Exercise 3. Take a walk; avoid the car, bus or other means of transport except bicycle is also an excellent aerobic exercise.

These three daily exercises are easy to do and will help you burn fat faster. Just have the desire evidence to support them.

If these exercises you add one calorie and low-fat diet , it will be an ideal way to lose weight healthfully and control other risks associated with being overweight, such like hypertension, high cholesterol and high glucose, among others complement. Moreover, these simple exercises can strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Remember, physical activity is essential to have a better quality of life and do not need to spend money, if you will and perseverance can increase your metabolism more easily.

Do not remember to check with your doctor earlier than starting any weight loss treatment, both in the case of an exercise routine and a diet to lose weight.

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