A light healthy dish with multiple variants

dietSeveral meatball recipes you’re sure to come in handy for your diet

Without any doubt, the meatball is a magic format for the kitchen. Is that in a small area, you can put almost anything and make it is rich. Would you like to try a few healthy diet and suitable variants for? Not miss these recipes.

Soy meatballs

The Meatball principle is clear and concise: a ball of something, usually with some ingredient that let you stay that way without falling apart, which can be seasoned and cooked in a thousand and one ways. Can you eat in your diet? Course. And when it comes to a light recipe, you are going to come more than good for it.

Do not miss this article, which you’ll find no less than 6 different recipes and tricks to then, on your own, Loges more.

Chicken dumplings: It’s a classic and do not need to prepare with egg, because the breast meat of the chicken is quite oily. They’re fine, do not hesitate.

Green Meatballs : Arguably are halfway to being a croquette or mulatto, but these great green meatballs are going to come in handy when you do not know what to eat and you fancy something with vegetables.

Soy Meatballs: Textured soy is similar to minced or ground meat is really wonderful. It is low in calories, fat and protein too. It is rich and versatile, as it can be prepared with it as with the meat. As if that were not enough, it is very economical and yields more than once well hydrated.

Dumplings tofu: Tofu is a kind of cheese soy, but is also a great protein and one of the great allies you can have in your diet to lose weight, because it is low in calories and fat. Try it in meatball form, which is more than fine.

Meatballs Dukan diet: They are made of turkey and cheese 0%, two perfectly good ingredients for this diet. And you can enjoy without guilt if you follow this recipe.

Fish balls: Another perfect for those who want to enjoy the fish meat in a different way to the traditional variant. Try them you, because they are made, they often have dubious ingredients.

Soy meatballs

Other tips for preparing dumplings:

If you want more light, suppresses the egg: Do not use white flour or whole egg to prepare the meatballs. If meat is moist, do not even need to use it. At best, you can use only the clear. Whole wheat flour, some seed or chickpea flour are excellent ideas for breading or linked preparations.

Cheer with natural and nutritious ingredients: lentils, millet, chickpeas, Aquino are only four super nutritious natural options, suitable for your diet and you will come perfect for any day of the week. While prepares a healthy way, you know well that you will not have any kind of problems when it comes to enjoy them.

Dare to find variants and mix ingredients: Add some vegetable. Grated beets and carrots give color and flavor, for example. Spices, consuming almost no calories and gives a great flavor to foods.

Which are always cooked healthily: The meatballs should be made in the oven, boiled, golden only made with vegetable spray or vapor. Forget calorie chip and dips, of route.

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