A disorder that affects diabetics

weight loseThere are many eating disorders that can affect the quality of life of many people, including those suffering from diabetes. Apparently, there is growing disorder know as Diablerie. If you want to know more about this disease, do not miss to know what it is, what are its causes and complications?

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Bulimia and anorexia are two eating disorders that present different variants, one of which is the Diabulimia.

Defining Diabulimia

The Diabulimia is an eating disorder that affects patients with type 1 diabetes. Such compensatory mechanisms people use to lose weight, within which are found not only vomiting but also prevent insulin or reduce the dose. Moreover, reducing calorie intake insulin default.

In general this kind of disorder, like others, is more prevalent in teenagers and young people. It’s a disease that increasingly affects younger because at this age begin to know how to manipulate insulin to control weight

While endocrinologists know about these disorders and may be alert to certain symptoms or signs, the family does not know much about him. Therefore it is very important to recognize certain symptoms to watch for.

Signs and symptoms of Diabulimia

Poor control of the disease.Repeated hospital admissions, or by both such as hyperglycemia hypoglycemia.The results of controls aimed at controlling the books are better than the analytical laboratory.

Profile of people with predisposing diabulima

Preferably teenagers or young women who have certain characteristics: Smart, persistent, even with good academic perfectionists with low self esteem and results.

Moreover, families can have some special features, such as overly demanding, problems of emotional communication among all members.There are different causes that can trigger this disorder, in which depression and low self-esteem is.

Bulimia 1

Diablerie Adverse Effects on Health?

Micro vascular complications: renal failure, peripheral neuropathy in the lower limbs.Total vascular complication: Heart attack, stroke.Risk of death. People with the disorder tripled the risk of death compared with non-diabetics.

The eating disorders are diseases which are not spoken too, and deserve to be known because they can affect anyone. Be vigilant and informed is the best way to prevent.

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