A detox diet

fatFruits, vegetables and proteins to cleanse the body

If you want to get rid of toxins from the body, I suggest you to meet this plan 3 day detox diet, which includes fruits, vegetables and protein to help you cleanse the body and burn fat.

One of the great problems of power today is the wide range of processed foods. These, besides being rich in calories and fats, can generate toxins that interfere with the proper functioning of the body. Therefore, to reverse this situation Dr. Jay Robb has designed a plan 3 days detox diet  that includes fruits, vegetables and protein to help you eliminate waste from the body and burn fat quickly. Properties detox diet Dr Robb.

It is a quick and restrictive diet. During these 3 days you must eat only fruits, vegetables and protein foods, eliminating all processed foods.

Many kilos in a short time. You would lose up to 4 kilos.

Improve the functioning of the digestive system. Makes the digestive system to rest, avoiding sobrexigencia to digest processed foods.

Beaten protein consumption. Must purchase certain products, such as protein shakes.

Restriction of physical activity. Doing exercise is restricted to avoid fatigue and exhaustion and a possible drop in pressure or hypoglycemia.

Fits vegetarian diets. This diet can be done by vegetarians. In this case you can buy protein powders that do not contain whey or other animal products. Proteins can be chosen brown rice, soybeans or peas.

It is a low sodium diet. This can be beneficial for those with hypertension, but should be careful not to fall too far if you are taking medication for high blood pressure. On the other hand, should use caution those suffering from hypotension?

It is a low-fat diet. The fats are restricted to the maximum in order to improve the performance of liver and gallbladder. On the other hand, seeks to take fat from adipose tissue for energy.

What is this diet

Protein shakes every two hours. Every 2 hours you should consume a protein shake. After that, you should drink 300 ml of water.

Dinner. Vegetable salad flavored with olive oil, flaxseed or sunflower, with 150 gr. turkey breast or skinless chicken or fish.

Fruit intake throughout the day. Consuming 100 gr. fruit every 2 hours.

Cent.  Vegetable salad or half an avocado and a protein shake.

You can drink a glass of red wine at dinner and drink coffee without sugar or sweetener.

Prohibited foods

You can not eat salt, sweeteners, processed foods.

It is not allowed to eat nuts or dried, canned fruit.

You can not consume or fruits and cooked vegetables.

Conclusion: Although this is a ready diet you need to have in minded that, like many others, e s a strict diet that can not be performed for more than 3 days, because it is not balanced and healthy. While including vegetables and fruits to the diet is recommended, it is not to consume one main meal and replace the rest of the meals for shakes. It’s one of the many diets which need to be careful because they can cause tiredness, fatigue and fainting. I suggest that, before this diet consults your doctor.

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