A delicious and refreshing blend to cleanse your body

fatAre you thinking of a good detox juice fresh and healthy this summer? Then do not lose sight of this delicious recipe. Combine flavors like grapefruit and cucumber. And meets fabulous properties for your health. Do not miss the recipe and put it into practice as soon as possible!

Grapefruit juice A combination of grapefruit, fennel and mint not only be tasty and refreshing, but also be very healthy. It is for this reason that you should not miss the recipe for this summery fresh juice, which has been meeting these three ingredients to form a completely great detox drink, given the characteristics of these ingredients. Do not miss this recipe!


Two grapefruits large

A bulb fennel

A sprig of mint or fresh mint

Plenty of ice


Squeeze grapefruit and fennel bulb passes through the juice extractor. Mixing both juices.Then crush some mint in the glass with ice.Fill the glass with the ingredients that go into this detox juice, stir well and enjoy.

Grapefruit juice

What are you doing to help this juice in your diet?

A good combination of flavor: The bitterness and acidity of grapefruit, they will go very well with refreshing mint and anise with fennel. Beyond being healthy is a very rich juice and fully fit for the summer.

A diuretic, antioxidant and cleansing mixture: All ingredients are considered good for the liver, to increase urination and also to cleanse the digestive system. Therefore, it is a juice that can come in handy for the morning.

Grapefruit, good fat burning: Grapefruit burns fat is considered. And as such, you can always come for a good diet.

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