Weight loss supplement under scrutiny

fatBee pollen is a supplement that within a weight loss diet can help you lose weight. But the FDA warns that some products containing bee pollen can be a problem rather than a solution. Why? Because some slimming products containing bee pollen could be counterfeit and contain substances that are harmful to health. A stay tuned!

A few days ago the Food and Drug organization warned that some weight loss supplements that contain bee pollen can be harmful to health.

Apparently these supplements contain hidden and dangerous to health ingredients, especially for those with arrhythmias, hypertension or psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder.

These products also contain bee pollen contain sibutramine or phenolphthalein. For sibutramine, is an anorectic drug that reduces appetite? Although initially used as an adjunct to depression, also used as a diet drug.

Nevertheless, the FDA banned its marketing be cause for serious cardiovascular diseases. This drug can cause stroke, heart failure, heart show aggression or strokes.

In the second case, phenolphthalein is a laxative drug, whose sale is limited due to possible carcinogenic effects.

The FDA has been advised of this situation since consumers and health professionals have submitted reports on the adverse effects that the consumption of these products caused, such as severe heart problems hypertension, seizures, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

Within this weight loss supplements are: last formula, zero fat, Bella VI Amp’s Up, Insane Amp’s Up, Slim Trim U, Infinity, perfect body solution, asset Extreme, Extreme plus Assets, Assets Bold and Pollen active bee.

Bee pollen, included in a diet to lose weight, can be a good adjunct to lose weight for its slimming benefits, but you must be careful to choose the supplement that contains this substance.

Therefore, before taking any weight loss supplement consult your doctor. They are the only ones allowed to include or not a treatment for weight loss.

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