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Have you ever heard of neuro linguistic programming? This practice, which is hereafter simply called the NLP is a method that helps to order you and can also give you a hand to lose weight. And best of all, you can try it for free by participating in this contest.

What you can win in this contest?

The opportunity to talk to an expert for three hours, to generate changes in your life. She will not give you a diet and three or four tips, but you will program into what can be a path without those extra kilos that bother you.

Each session is accompanied by printed material, a plan of action and audios with exercises to maximize the effectiveness of the sessions. This also receives free.

Note that this award in market value has more than 120 euros cost! And not need more than a skip connection and master the Spanish language to access it.

The idea is that you try NLP , experience it in person. For this reason, in a joint effort to Losing Weight and Mantua Vinci, have the ability to test NLP from first hand, nothing more or less than your own personal experience and opportunity to tell everyone what you thought.

As you told, this contest can meet completely free NLP and the charge of the sessions will make Mentxu Vinci, who specializes in combining NLP methods of thinning and naturopathy. It is dedicated to these long-standing practices and is the director of Body Harmony site, among other things. But why not better than whoever she tell you how your session about?

In the sessions that investigated the cause of that person are overweight, and that not all people get fat for the same reason. At the same time we started to work for the person to go eliminating harmful habits I had, like binging or eating food that caused him overweight, sedentary lifestyle, anxiety, anxiety, etc.

Then the I reprogram with elections preference towards a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating and enjoyable to the person right, exercise, managing anxiety, emotional balance and mental direction.

The person takes deep and consistent changes and this is one of the reasons why the person obtaining lasting slimming results and feel better about herself and her body.

During the reprogramming use NLP techniques to facilitate the process, both to increase motivation to change habits, increase self-esteem, learn to enjoy and improve the quality of your life, and make your weight loss goal is a physical reality .

What do you have to do to enter this contest? Find out below!

To participate in this contest and foremost you must be eager to test the neuro linguistic programming and see how it works for weight loss.

You must convince the rest of the people who are the or directed to make these free sessions of NLP. So if you’re outgoing, you enjoy participating in new challenges and like to communicate your experiences, here’s a great opportunity.

How is this? You leave a comment on this article; you give reasons why you want to win these sessions. In turn, you must be invited to vote and your text should be moving enough so that others will vote.

Why? Because the winner of this contest will be the voice of A Weight Loss. Not only will you gain the sessions, but you will be the one chosen to tell others what is NLP and how it has worked in the following days.

And the thing does not end here: You will also participate in a three-part interview at the end of the sessions, with Juan Esteban Jorge tell all your experiences.

For this reason, vote for the other , because if you do not win, you will ensure that you will be representing the right person, then that will tell in great detail how well it works this type of practice.

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