Vitamin D and weight gain

dietYou have to be attentive to this important vitamin intake

Did you know that vitamin D could come to play a larger role than thought in the field of weight gain role? Read this paper and find out why.


The weight gain   may be due to several factors may be related to genetics, age, food binge, mainly rich in fats and carbohydrates, personal issues, among others. However, you can lead a healthy life, with physical activity and weight gain, and perhaps it may be due to vitamin D deficiency.

Ideally, consume about 10 mg a day of this vitamin, which can be found in many foods, some of them are egg yolks, salmon and cheeses.

Scientists at an American clinic conducted a study that demonstrated this fact. Taking a group of women who consumed a supplement of vitamin D daily against another who did. Both groups performed physical activity and a balanced diet.

However, consuming adequate amounts of vitamin D were the most lost weight. While the relationship between vitamin D and weight is unclear, these scientists have a theory based on vitamin D contains receptors that act on fat cells controlling excess adiposity, plus-inflammatory effects have also demonstrated.


Remember that this vitamin is not magic, but must be consumed in the right amount, together with a balanced diet and both mentally and physically active lifestyle.

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