Tremble to drink in winter

dietBanana, avocado, ginger and oats become relevant

Like to help make smoothies in your diet? Then you have to stop watching these five options will be presented in this article. These in particular are ideal for winter. Are you going to stop consult?

Winter shakes

The shakes have become part of any diet. You are really great: do not require much work, you can make the mix of ingredients you can think of, and to top it off, you get an interesting help in losing weight. Clearly not do miracles, but glad your breakfast and you’ll get the just and necessary nutrients, giving you feeling full without overeating.

It is clear that at times there are low temperatures, can incorporate some ingredients with a little more calories and fat than what usually takes, but if and when you do moderate amount, a question of getting the necessary nutrients for winter . Lipids and carbohydrates are required to be energetic and, in perspective, will help you feel better.

You can avail yourself of any of these five shakes now in winter:

Pumpkin Smoothie: A fabulous choice for the winter is a cup of pumpkin puree, mix in a blender with a splash of vegetable milk, the juice of two oranges and a hint of cinnamon. You can also add flaxseed or flaxseed ground. Processes and have a drink full of energy, fiber and vitamins to start the day.

Avocado and Strawberries Smoothie: First, take a half small avocado and place in the bowl of the mixer. That is a bit mature. Place a clean cup of strawberries, a splash of lemon juice and a little water. Shreds up to get a milkshake. A lovely combination. And I give a bit of healthy lipids, energy and fiber and all-good properties having the strawberry. A more valid option, in which you can to even replace the blueberries strawberry or other red fruit.

Banana and Peach Smoothie: Banana, in perspective, it will be fine in the diet. Some even recommend to calm anxiety. In smoothies, not failure. Place in a small bowl of the mixer, the juice of two oranges, a peach and complete with water, if necessary. Bate and drinks. Delightful, well that will leave you satisfied and with a taste of amazing mouth.

Shake ginger and soy milk: The ginger is related to energy, with circulation and also weight loss plan. Take a glass of soy milk; put it in the blender with a good piece of ginger cut into slices. Add some of your favorite fruit and bat. If you have peppermint or spearmint adds a bit too.

Oat and apple smoothie: Put in blender three or four tablespoons of oatmeal, which you will add an apple, half a cup of orange juice and half grapefruit juice. If you want to give you more energy and wintry touch, you can add some almonds or a teaspoon of honey. A very satisfying option, high-fiber cereal and energy as is oatmeal, great for the beginning of time.

Winter shakes

Be sure to comment on which option you like best eaten in the winter. Sure you have a recipe floating around there that you practice in cold weather. Why do not you leave comments?

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