The fitness instructor gives you his top tips

dietIf you’re a regular follower of columns Susana Dakidissa, today is a day of good news, as the instructor will tell you their best tricks to narrow the waist.

Do you regularly still the great advice given Susana Dakidissa in this space? Then it’s time for you to consider this new column star fitness instructor. This time, he will tell you how you can do to have a spotless waist.

How narrow waist, hand Susana Dakidissa:

The waist is one of the areas of the body those women we always have strong and slim, but a sedentary lifestyle, a poor diet or poor posture, waist -abdomen-and also widens and becomes lax.

The first thing to do is a good workout, both cardio to reduce fat, and toning to mark that area.

Some exercises that will help you make the waist:

The hula hoop, for example, is a very good exercise to define the waist.

Also running, walking, biking or jumping rope will help you burn calories without getting bored.

Another option is to join dance classes, such as dance or Arabic belly dancing and that allow you to burn fat all over your body while you mold your waist. Other dances, such as salsa or any ballroom dancing, will also help.

Another special slimming waist, very effective to reduce it all the way around, exercise abs is hipopresivos.

Combined with cardio toning will help you sharpen that area. If you do it all together, you better start by toning and then do the cardio, but you can also do both on alternate days.

Other tips for a flawless waist:

Use firming creams and reducing the waist, this helps you to phase out the fat. These creams are especially effective if you wear them a while before a workout.

Hydration is essential to combat sagging zone, so the moisturizer will be one of our great lubber. If possible, it is firming properties.

Another trick is to apply the cream doing abdominal massage several minutes to help us mobilize fat area and the cream will penetrate better.

As for food, avoid foods and beverages that can cause gas or constipation as carbonated beverages, vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, the snuff, coffee, very rich and heavy meals, sauces, fried and everything that this may cause indigestion and accumulation of fat in the body.

Increase fiber intake by taking fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This can help you avoid these problems. If you like tea, the green tea is great for losing abdominal fat, like the ponytail, which has excellent cleansing properties. If you do not like to infuse, you can also find green tea capsules.

For a defined waist, not all women need to lose weight, but in many cases it is necessary to reduce a few pounds since one of the areas where fat tends to accumulate is in the gut. And even if you have needed to lose weight, healthy and balanced diet can help you shed fat you have accumulated at the waist.

Stand straight, that’s very important! Bring back bent and relaxed abdomen makes the problem seem worse than it is and accentuates the skin folds at the waist and abdomen is bulging out.

Get used to walk straight, shoulders back and stomach as flat as possible. You have to get used to having the abdomen contracted most of the day. This helps a lot to have the plane and strong abdomen and marked waist.

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