The fatter you need fewer calories

weight loseCalculate the calories required according to your body type

Did you know how much fat you need fewer calories? Because it is. When you go on a diet, one of the first things you have to determine is how much to eat to lose some kilos. However, to calculate only if you go by your height and weight, you may figure you get is not too accurate. Find out how to find the tool you need to more accurately calculate the calories required according to your body type.


The explanation is simple. Less energy is required to maintain a gram of adipose tissue that is required to maintain an ounce of muscle. Muscle, by nature is a major consumer of energy, even at rest. Hence, if it is necessary calories, no matter how much weight, but what is your fat weight, expressed as the percentage of body fat.A higher percentage of body fat, you need fewer calories per kilogram of weight.

The good news is that if you do not resign yourself to limit your calorie intake so you can modify this equation. How? Well, increasing your physical activity, so how additional effect will help you increase your lean body mass at the expense of your remains fat. Thereby:

A higher percentage of lean mass the more calories you will need per kilogram of weight.This explains why most sedentary people such a hard time losing weight. Not only burning fewer calories at the lack of activity, but also by their lack of muscle development.

But let promised. This tool will allow you to calculate exactly how many calories you need, taking into account not just your weight, but your body fat percentage. Which not know your body fat percentage? Well, no problem. Find out with this other tool: body fat calculator

Now, first, the system selects Metric measures if you want to put your weight in kilograms or English, if you prefer to do it in pounds. Then enter the following data:

Complete the first cell with your weight. Complete the second cell with your body fat percentage. Search the third cell the activity level that is closer to your habits.

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