Summer reflected in the balance

weight loseThe spring and summer months are ideal to eat less and better and this is reflected in the balance. If you want to look slimmer body, uses the heat easily and effectively.

During the winter, the body needs more energy to maintain body temperature, which is why we tend to eat more fatty and caloric foods. These eating habits are reflected in your waist and hips, especially if you do not perform physical exercise.

Well, now that the heat begins to feel you can take advantage and eat better and less.

How to use the summer to lose weight?

Stir in fruit and vegetables in season. The seasonal fruits such as citrus, pineapple, melon or watermelon have properties to detoxify the body, remove excess fluid and promote increased metabolism. On the other hand, includes leafy vegetables and other vegetables and include them in your main dishes. A nice salad of various colors with a small portion of chicken, turkey or fish can be an excellent light lunch option.

Incorporates cold infusions to your diet. While teas can drink them in winter, they can be an excellent alternative to replace drinks carbonated sugar or alcohol. You can choose both the common area, as the different varieties of this, such as white tea, red tea or green tea. Not to mention chamomile tea, tea horsetail tea or seaweed. Although in the latter case you should not overdo more than 3 cups a day.

Drink more water. Remember that 8-10 glasses of water per day helps you increase your metabolism, burning fat faster.

Walk. If anything good has that summer is encouraged to come out and be outdoors, and what better to walk to both the morning and the evening. This exercise will not only help you get out of the lethargy of winter, but will help you burn calories.

Best predisposition. Summer with the use of the sun, avoiding the most harmful to the skin hours, gives you pleasure and improve your mood. Use this stimulus to go on a diet and ask yourself the goal of losing weight.

Heat. The heat itself causes you want to eat less and eat more fresh things want. Advantage of this situation and this selection of foods to go on a diet and lose weight.

Summer is a good excuse and opportunity to lose a few kilos more . If you consider these suggestions can make it, feel better and look thinner.

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