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exerciseSee if myth or realities that do sweating lose weight

One of the big questions that intrigue is whether slimming sweat. So if you want to know if sweating helps you lose weight, do not miss this item.

Sweating or perspiration is a metabolic process by which the body loses water and minerals. This process aims to maintain body temperature near 37 ° C. This not only happens in different seasons of the year but when you do physical activity. Beyond what it means for the body to perspire, it’s interesting to know the relationship between sweat and exercise.

According to scientific research knows that a person performing an aerobic activity such as swimming for two hours, fluid loss reflected in the weight is about 2 kilos. Although in this case the exercise routine is long for being two hours the fluid loss is inevitable and is reflected in the balance.

It is important to note that reducing fluids can lead to dehydration and thus a series of metabolic consequences, such as tachycardia, decreased physical performance and reduced cognitive / mental performance.

The loss of fluids through sweating is a momentary loss of weight, which is not reflected in the reduction of fat. ‘s fat loss will occur as a result of increased metabolic and increased energy expenditure.

Maybe weight loss by perspiration and physical exercise go hand in hand, but you can also lose weight in the form of liquid and fat simultaneously.

Not only can you lose weight by sweating or perspiration, but you can also lose fluids with diets or cleansing cures. If the physiological elimination of liquids increases by increased dieresis and stimulation of intestinal peristalsis, the kilos you lose this way the recover quickly.

Actually the main goal of such treatment is to remove toxins tonics and no leak.  Debugging is when you achieve a proper diet required to mobilize fat and lose fat.

Be careful because in the market there are thermal belts that supposedly allow you to lose fat and shape your figure. The reality is not so, because what you lose is water and not greasy sweat. As you re hydrates weight regain it.

You must be very careful to suggest alternative therapies to complement you slimming treatments, such as thermal belts or Turkish baths.

There is a way to calculate the liquid waste after intense exercise or exposure to excessive heat. Simply weigh yourself before and after physical activity on the same. What weight you lost is the amount of liquid you lost and you must drink bottled water.

Remember, the best way to lose weight is real and concrete way making diet and exercise. The fluid loss is momentary and possible health complications thinning.

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