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Have trouble going to the bathroom everything you would need to go and that will generate swelling? Then it’s time to take action. You can incorporate your breakfast this amazing smoothie, with lots of fiber within your content and help you clean your body quickly. Be sure to know the recipe!


Fiber plays a key role in feeding anyone. While many tend to value more macro nutrients .Those little things, the details, micro nutrients, may be as or more important when losing weight. And fiber plays a major role in both its soluble and insoluble facet.

It allows trap fats and then eliminate them and also help to maintain a good sense of satiety, and works remarkably with bowel movement, which is essential when being deflated. Or do you want to have all those toxins and impurities circling your digestive system without deleting?

For this reason, those who tend to suffer from constipation or just interested in incorporating greater amounts of fiber to your diet to lose weight, should consider this shake. It is a great combination of soluble and insoluble fibers, since fruit and cereals rich in this section. To follow the recipe and drink this mixture every morning, which is perfect to cleanse the body.


An apple

A generous slice of pineapple

One tablespoon of china seeds

A tablespoon of ground flax seed

A little water

The juice of two oranges

Allowed no calorie sweetener to taste


Getting activating chia seeds and flax. This is done very easily leaving to soak for half an hour or more. This process wills they release their mucilage and that it is much more digestible later. If you want, this process can have it done beforehand, since last night, for example.

Place the resulting activated in the bowl of the mixer, where Samar apple into chunks, pineapple juice and oranges seeds.Bate preparation until completely integrated with each other. Should stay a homogeneous mixing, smooth, but with the texture feature of plant elements in it.Sweeten, if you want it with Stevie or other natural element. You’ll get ready to consume this shake.

It’s perfect for breakfast. Why? Because the body usually receives much better this class of nutrients on an empty stomach, activating the intestinal tract and help remove debris that are floating around.

Complement this smoothie with a diet rich in fiber, vegetables, fruits and plenty of fluids to notice a much faster effect enchantress.


What gives this smoothie to your diet?

First of all, lots of fiber. As you can see, these foods are all included within the table of ingredients rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. This will be essential to combat constipation and give your intestinal transit activity without resorting to laxatives or anything like that.

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