Regulator of appetite and overeating

dietThe fight against obesity leads scientists to find alternatives that allow engage in a fight against the extra kilos. One of these new options is slimming the obalon, a different medical approach that attempts to regulate appetite and overeating.

International health agencies consider obesity as a global scourge that the lives of millions of people are wearing. Therefore, treatment is considered a challenge to consider in this new century.

So much so that U.S. scientists have created a new device for the treatment of obesity, known as obalon. Obalon is a device that aims to get the patient to regulate your appetite and eat less.

What is obalon?

The obalon is a ball that inflates the stomach reaches the size of an apple and gives the patient satiety, causing a reduction in food intake; which is reflected in a weight loss.

Contrary to what you may think, this is not very invasive method, such as a bariatric surgery,   as this ball is swallowed by a gelatin capsule. This capsule is accompanied by a small tube. When the capsule reaches the stomach is inflated through the tube, which is later removed.

Medical opinions are conflicting:

Reviews for: On the one hand, some specialists consider this ball is not just a device that can help those suffering from obesity to eat less, but to become aware of the importance of changing eating habits to maintain your weight and have a better quality of life.

Reviews against: While other doctors have been wary of this method. To do so, provides a quick way to lose weight, regardless as to keep the weight achieved over time. Moreover, today obalon use is expensive and, for some patients, it is unpleasant.

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