Recipe antioxidants and low calorie fiber

dietLearn different recipes are essential for losing weight because it is concrete part of the diet. So, this time I will give a special recipe containing organic compounds that facilitate your weight loss process. A good example of this is the individual souffle recipe beets or beet.


The diet should contain foods, low in fat, high in fiber and rich in antioxidants low calorie ingredients. The souffle beets or beet contains all these qualities.

Single beets or beet souffle

Servings: 1


1 egg.

1 beet or beetroot median.

Whole meal flour 1 tsp.

Salt and pepper to taste.


Cook beets steamed once ready put this plant in a food processor along with the egg, flour and seasonings.Pour the filling into a single bilinear and carries warm oven for 15 minutes or until cooked.Remove from oven, let cool and unfold.


The median beetroot contributes only 26 calories and eggs. Provides 74 calories. If this will you add 25 calories of Flour, with this preparation you contribute 125 calories.This soufflé is ideal to accompany a chicken breast, fish fillet or steak meat.

Prepare individual servings is very useful in controlling the daily intake. It is even ideal snack for eating out of your house.

Perhaps you wonder because this preparation provides you the slimming process? However, this recipe contains arytenoids fiber and beet, as well as proteins of the egg white, three organic compounds that influence the metabolism, increased fat burning and eliminating toxins from the body does not need.

Moreover, two foods that burn fat by combining two different reasons. On the one hand, the beetroot is considered a negative calorie food, while the egg is a protein food that is included within the protein diets.

Remember, the food should be prepared and a true reflection of the diet so that the results are effective, healthy and durable.

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