Products derived from soy diet

lose weightSoy is a suitable food to include in a diet for weight loss because it contains fiber and antioxidants, as well as for its benefits to improve health through different nutrients. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the maximum soybeans, you better know the products that you can draw from that legume.

Soy is a legume that in recent times has taken a lot of popularity. While there are proponents and opponents of this legume, it is certain that from this food can make other derivatives that have the same nutrients and provide the same benefits.

Products made from soy can be a good alternative for those who lose weight by performing a vegetarian diet.

Products derived from soy

Soy milk. This drink is made from soybeans. Is obtained by soaking, grinding and filtering soybeans.

Tofu or bean curd. Prepared from clotting soymilk, and pressed so that the liquid part of the solid part is separated. Has a similar texture to that of cheese.

Soy mayonnaise. The can draw from soy milk, sunflower oil, lemon juice and garlic.

Soy yogurt. This product is made from soy milk.

White sauce from soy. Replace cow’s milk for soy milk tasteless.

Flan soymilk. Like the previous preparation cow’s milk is replaced with soy milk.

Soy burgers. These are made from the mixture of cooked soy beans and soy flour.

Breaded soy. Prepare like soy burger and finally breadcrumbs breads or oatmeal.

These are some of the products that can be obtained from the soybeans. Besides these you can prepare vegetable beef, vegetarian sausage, biscuits and desserts. They have the same nutritional characteristics that soy has provided them.

Keep in mind that although soy is very nutritious and can replace meat and eggs for their protein content, it is necessary to consider having allergens that can cause food allergies type, with its attendant complications. So if you’re allergic, see your doctor.

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