The fitness instructor gives you his top tips

dietIf you’re a regular follower of columns Susana Dakidissa, today is a day of good news, as the instructor will tell you their best tricks to narrow the waist.

Do you regularly still the great advice given Susana Dakidissa in this space? Then it’s time for you to consider this new column star fitness instructor. This time, he will tell you how you can do to have a spotless waist.

How narrow waist, hand Susana Dakidissa:

The waist is one of the areas of the body those women we always have strong and slim, but a sedentary lifestyle, a poor diet or poor posture, waist -abdomen-and also widens and becomes lax.

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Factor diet

exerciseSilhouette 5 factor plan to lose weight

The 5 factor diet is a diet to regain your figure. This silhouette plan was designed by a famousHollywoodcoach named Haley Pasternak. Lasts about 5 weeks and, according to its creator diet allows you to lose weight, losing weight physically.


The 5 factor diet is a diet designed by Haley Pasternak, trainer celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, among others. This plan is designed to recover the silhouette in 5 weeks.

What is the 5 factor diet?

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