Refreshing drink alkaline antioxidant

dietIf you want to incorporate into your diet a refreshing drink and you can also help you lose weight, do not miss this smoothie with blueberries, raspberries, lemon and mint. We provide antioxidants and alkaline benefits.

That drink is alkaline helps you balance your internal environment, improving your metabolism and burning fats and sugars more quickly. If in addition to this drink would you add antioxidant benefits, not only will increase the thermogenic effect but will prevent the action of substances such as free radicals that cause aging, hinder metabolism and cause degenerative diseases.

If you want to get all these benefits and also add flavor do not miss this smoothie with blueberries, raspberries, lemon and mint. A drink also ideal for a summer free of kilos more.

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Weight loss supplement under scrutiny

fatBee pollen is a supplement that within a weight loss diet can help you lose weight. But the FDA warns that some products containing bee pollen can be a problem rather than a solution. Why? Because some slimming products containing bee pollen could be counterfeit and contain substances that are harmful to health. A stay tuned!

A few days ago the Food and Drug organization warned that some weight loss supplements that contain bee pollen can be harmful to health.

Apparently these supplements contain hidden and dangerous to health ingredients, especially for those with arrhythmias, hypertension or psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder.

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Low calorie diet that reduces anxiety and nerves thin

lose weightOne of the major external problems that are a person who need to lose weight is to release stress. This threatening weight loss, so the APP diet should not only be low in calories, but should reduce anxiety and nerves thin.

Anxiety and stress are factors that unwittingly you can add kilos. Why? Because product with increasing external stress anxiety, organic substances that increase your need by eating food without feeling hungry released.

Eating gives you pleasure and thus reduce your anxiety, which ends up increasing when you become aware that you are eating uncontrollably.

Therefore, it is important to break this circle to relieve stress and lose weight, and to do nothing better than a Diet APP.

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Detox melon and cucumber water to drink in summer

dietA refreshing, summery drink with very good ingredients for weight loss

No doubt, summer is the best time of year to drink fresh preparations, fruit and perfect for weight loss. Such is the case of this detox water melon and cucumber, two vegetables that reach perhaps at this time of year its best. Do not miss the recipe you’ll find below!


Are you one of those who always want to have at hand a rich cool drink in summer? Do you also take advantage of you like seasonal vegetables and utilize their slimming? Whichever options or because they simply want to clean a bit your body should never miss in your table a cold pitcher of herbs, vegetables, fruits, juices, ice and other issues that not only will help you get lighter and aimed in your diet, but also delight your senses.

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How to set physically up for weight loss

weight lossMany people know that for any business is very important the right mental attitude. Especially this statement applies to weight loss , since this process applies to high physical loads and depends on the firm determination, as well as the demands of himself. To process of getting rid of those extra pounds is not turned into a real meal, you just need to program yourself in the right direction.

Originally worth develop a strong motivation for weight loss. Should advance to prepare you for what will have to limit yourself to the usual food, give up bad foods and completely change the outlook on life.

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How to take away the stomach and hips

Flat stomach and hipsThe main problem and the number one enemy of all women is overweight. It would seem worth just look at the sweetness and taste a piece, and he has and tries to settle in the form of fat rescue circle, affecting the stomach and hips. This problem is familiar to each of us and the reason for its occurrence can not be sweets and unhealthy diet and lack of adequate physical activity in general.

To regain lost form, it is first necessary to review your diet. It should consist with fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, milk and dairy products with low fat content.

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Weight lose tips

dietYour memory can help put a stop to overeat. Apparently the last bite you give your food can still determine whether or not eating. If you want to have your daughter ally in your weight loss plan, do not miss is note.

As obesity is an epidemic that affects millions of people worldwide and affects the quality of life of these people, the researchers seek to explain different mechanisms of action that can help you lose weight. One of the issues to consider is how to control appetite.

Therefore, a group of researchers from Stanford University conducted a study on how memories of what you eat daily are formed, and how these memories guide you when deciding whether to return or not eat.

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Alternative treatment habits and your weight

weight loseWhen making the decision to lose weight you can choose different paths that complement. This is the case Trophology, an alternative treatment that allows you to lose the extra kilos, correcting your eating habits.

There are many alternatives available when looking to lose weight. There are conventional treatments and alternative treatments. Within these latter is Trophology. But what is?

Well, Trophology is the science of natural food in relation to their physical and organic body.  Trophology for if the individual does not feed properly imbalance occurs and therefore the disease.

Trophology considers the nutritional value of a food is its chemical composition but the extent of digestibility. If a food is not digested well nourished but not intoxicating.

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Regulator of appetite and overeating

dietThe fight against obesity leads scientists to find alternatives that allow engage in a fight against the extra kilos. One of these new options is slimming the obalon, a different medical approach that attempts to regulate appetite and overeating.

International health agencies consider obesity as a global scourge that the lives of millions of people are wearing. Therefore, treatment is considered a challenge to consider in this new century.

So much so that U.S. scientists have created a new device for the treatment of obesity, known as obalon. Obalon is a device that aims to get the patient to regulate your appetite and eat less.

What is obalon?

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How to combat food cravings

lose weightUndoubtedly, anxiety can become one of the greatest dangers when trying to lose weight. A wrong step and you go overboard. For this motivation, these tips of all kinds-from natural remedies, tricks to help self-help-will you be able to control this problem.


Do you feel that anxiety is one of the major problems you have when it comes to controlling your weight? This is something that can really conspire against your welfare, because bingeing and anxiety attacks can come back terribly annoying in certain circumstances. Here’s how to get under control and try some tricks of all kinds, as it not only plants or psychology may help control these anxious states that threaten to engulf the diet.

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