A fresh salad with many nutrients

dietHave you ever tried a warm lentil salad and fish? Can become an exceptional recipe for a summer evening and will fit into your diet without any problem. Be sure to follow the steps suggested in the recipe and have list.

Without doubt, the salads are the signature dish of the summer. Since this concept is far from a boring salad was always composed of the same things. Fruits, raw and cooked vegetables, leaves, grilled meats, seeds, colors, textures and all kinds of details can be found on the same plate. Well, on that side is the light given this recipe.

Maybe not quite the usual combination of lentils with grilled fish, but looks good. And much more if these items are served warm, with tomatoes, greens, onions, fennel and dressing, of course. It’s a simple, fresh recipe and that can leave anyone really satisfied.

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Hypocaloric diet to get a nice suntan

lose weightMenus APP rich in carotenoids and other antioxidants

We all know that sun exposure can be very harmful to health, so from the diet may facilitate tanning consuming foods rich in carotenoids. If you also need or want to lose weight some kilos, you can include these seven low-calorie menus APP and rich in antioxidants to your diet.

Carotenoids are pigments that are part of certain foods. These, especially the B-carotene, have properties that can improve fat metabolism, reduce blood pressure and treating depression.

These three functions can help you lose weight and prevent complications of obesity. Moreover you can get a great tan, and it brings color to the skin, reducing the hours of sun exposure.

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A complication of obesity progresses

weight loseEvery day you hear about more about sarcopenia. This is because more and more people suffer from this disease, which produce changes in body composition and functions. According to some research, not only over time associated with this disease but also obesity.

To begin it is important to know what is sarcopenia .This disease is characterized by degenerative loss of muscle mass and strength with aging. Muscle mass is lost for various reasons, not just the elderly it is causal, but a sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

The diagnosis of the infection is complicated, but there is the use of certain methods that can define sarcopenia based on measures that are below the average for a healthy adult.

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The dangers of eating refined flour

fatIt is time to replace them with whole grains

If and meal consumption in a diet has to be restricted, the taking refined flour should be completely banned. Not only because they provide empty calories, but they can also have a detrimental effect on overall health. Be sure to not find out why this note!

Are you one of those who throw flour? Well it’s time to know them on a diet, do not have much to do. And if you are white, refined flour, for much less. Already all refined products are not too desirable and will increasingly detrimental to the whole. But starchy seem to be the most damaging of all consumer groups. Want to know why? Here in this paper we provide a few reasons.

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How maca can help you lose weight

dietPeruvian plant that reduces anxiety and stress

Maca is a plant native to theAndes, Peruvian plant used since ancient times by the Incas. Because of this, many identified medicinal benefits. While this plant has specific properties, you can also include it in a diet to lose weight, so you better know how you can help.

While there are four different varieties of maca. They all share their therapeutic properties and can be used as a dietary supplement for weight loss.

Maca is a plant that brings benefits stress, which reduces anxiety. Anxiety is one of the causes that can lead to increased intake of foods high in sugars and fats.

In fact the benefits of maca on stress in three different areas, both in the biological area, was emotional and cognitive study. According to what was observed in these studies, a dose of 0.7 gr to 1.4 gr. Maca root can reduce cortical levels and thus reduce the stress levels that cause anxiety and thus greater food intake .

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Using soy sauce slimming

dietAre you by means of soy sauce in your diet? Well then you just have to read this note, because here you’ll find a few tips that will come in handy for use in your everyday dishes.

Soy sauce

The soy sauce is an ancient spice, used in Asian cooking for preparations of all kinds. In fact, think of the cuisine of theFar Eastwithout him is something almost inconceivable. The interesting thing is that, used properly, can become a great ally when it comes to losing weight, and replacing oil, grease and more calorie dressings.

But you’re probably wondering how and where to use soy sauce in your daily meals. So it is that we will give you some good reasons to start using more often this delicious sauce in the kitchen every day, just reading this note, where you’ll find the necessary advice.

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Diet Secrets Heidi Klum

lose weightToday it can be goddess mother simultaneously. A clear example is the model Heidi Klum, who with her four children reveals his secrets to diet and maintain an enviable figure.

There is nothing new under the sun, good nutrition and daily exercise may be the great secret of beauty so difficult to accept. This attests such as world famous model Heidi Klum, who has achieved his desire to be a mother of four children and wear a figure that allows you to model for major brands and be a reference for many women.

But what are the secrets of diet and feeding?

To get back into shape after childbirth, Heidi has based his diet in The Last New York Body Plan. This plan considered by David Kirsch is based on a diet high protein low calorie, supplemented with a daily fitness routine.

What is the last body plan ofNew Yorkand The Ultimate New York Body Plan?

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Slim body

exerciseSee if myth or realities that do sweating lose weight

One of the big questions that intrigue is whether slimming sweat. So if you want to know if sweating helps you lose weight, do not miss this item.

Sweating or perspiration is a metabolic process by which the body loses water and minerals. This process aims to maintain body temperature near 37 ° C. This not only happens in different seasons of the year but when you do physical activity. Beyond what it means for the body to perspire, it’s interesting to know the relationship between sweat and exercise.

According to scientific research knows that a person performing an aerobic activity such as swimming for two hours, fluid loss reflected in the weight is about 2 kilos. Although in this case the exercise routine is long for being two hours the fluid loss is inevitable and is reflected in the balance.

It is important to note that reducing fluids can lead to dehydration and thus a series of metabolic consequences, such as tachycardia, decreased physical performance and reduced cognitive / mental performance.

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Addictive diseases and obesity

dietThere are many myths behind bariatric surgery and one of the big questions is whether bariatric patients are more likely to develop alcoholism. This questioning is that both obesity and alcoholism can be addictive diseases.

Obesity is associated with various diseases associated with depression and / or anxiety, which can trigger addictions such as alcoholism. While this association may exist as both diseases are associated because they are addictions, this relationship is not always and in patients who have undergone occurs bariatric surgery.

According to the data we have, only a small percentage of patients who have undergone bariatric surgery alcohol abuse. Actually this association occurs in people above and consumed alcoholic beverages.

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Fat Burners

weight loseThermogenic products that speed up metabolism

If you want to lose fat you need to have these fat burners, thermogenic products that manage to increase the use of fat for energy.

While thermogenic products are commonly used by athletes and / or bodybuilders to lose fat and add muscle, today these are required even by people who want to lose weight quickly.

Firstly it is important to say what are the thermogenic products and how they act.

A thermogenic product is also known as the fat burners or fat burners. These products are dietary supplements that contain substances which aim to accelerate the loss of body fat, increasing caloric expenditure. Power is derived from the destruction of adipose tissue, which is why it is known as thermogenic.

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