Factors accumulate toxins in the body

dietExternal and acquired wastes can generate overweight

Over time the body accumulates toxins and internal and external waste that can cause disorders in both metabolism and overall health. Among the consequences that can cause this accumulation is overweight, so you better start understanding this process knowing the factors that accumulate these toxins in the body.

When toxins and wastes gather in the body, the cells begin to lose their vitality and metabolic functions deteriorate, causing alterations in different organs, such as liver, kidney, intestine and lungs among others.

Since ancient times, there is a belief that with the change of seasons, especially during the spring needed to debug or detoxify the body. Well, this popular belief has triggered the emergence of various cures debugging.

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Fail its slimming benefits without harm health

dietProteins are required in certain diets for weight loss, but these are found in foods such as meat. So to that provokes its slimming benefits but do not harm your health should be lean meats. To better understand what your diet include meat, you need to know what is lean meat and because it is important for dieters.

In order to include meat in a diet to lose weight, cut calories and reduce fat is necessary that these are lean meats. But to choose correctly this type of meat is necessary that you know what they are.

According to the Department of Agriculture lean meat should have the following chemical composition per 100 gr.

Total Fat. Less than 10 gr.

Saturated Fat. 4.5 gr.

Cholesterol. 95 mg.

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Fruit with chocolate and granola

dietA simple, light and irresistible combination

Those who are always complicated when you want to eat something sweet, well they will enjoy this great recipe. These chocolate dipped fruit and granola, which, well prepared, they may be perfectly suitable for your diet. Be sure to not try!

Chocolate fruit

Many times you must go you do not know what to eat when you feel like something sweet. Therefore, it is very important to have a good stock of solutions to prevent this problem, since a bad temptation can put at risk your diet. Here you will find a rich, healthy and that will leave you fully satisfied alternative.

This is an unbeatable combination: fresh fruit, granola and chocolate. It may sound not so light, but if you do as I will suggest below, you will see that you will enjoy this recipe without any problems.

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Products derived from soy diet

lose weightSoy is a suitable food to include in a diet for weight loss because it contains fiber and antioxidants, as well as for its benefits to improve health through different nutrients. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the maximum soybeans, you better know the products that you can draw from that legume.

Soy is a legume that in recent times has taken a lot of popularity. While there are proponents and opponents of this legume, it is certain that from this food can make other derivatives that have the same nutrients and provide the same benefits.

Products made from soy can be a good alternative for those who lose weight by performing a vegetarian diet.

Products derived from soy

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Light vegetarian recipe rich in fiber and antioxidants

fatIf you want to incorporate a vegetarian recipe rich in fiber, antioxidants and light, I invite you to prepare some tasty areas lentils and red peppers.

Areas are popular in countries such as Colombia,Venezuela and Panama foods. These foods traditionally prepared from precooked corn flour or corn meal, can transform into a light recipe, rich in fiber and antioxidants replacing maize with legumes such as lentils.

Recipe vegetarian areas


 450 gr. raw lentils.

1 red pepper.

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Lose weight after surgery

dietEffective cognitive behavioral remedy for the cure of obesity

Do thoughts and mental processes can help you lose weight after bariatric surgery? This is a very good question for those who undergo this type of treatment. Such surgery is just the beginning of a long way to go that needs certain psychological therapies that allow effective results for treating obesity, such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

The first gastric bypass was performed in 2003, from there you have begun to evaluate the various benefits that this surgery has on health. While it is a tool that people with morbid obesity are at your fingertips, you need to change certain ways of thinking and habits that can cause the failure of the surgery.

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Diet Beyonce and other famous

lose weightCleanse your body for a month with some vegans

The celebrities do not stop adding new diets and try different things all the time just to be perfect. This is how one of the latest trends is to go vegan. But only for a few days, which may be three weeks or a month. Learn more about the latest fashion part-time veganism that stars choose to keep in shape.

That celebrities do what is within your reach and also not to be fit, is nothing new. For this reason, and nobody is surprised to hear that this or that hugged an unknown guru weight loss or to have invented a revolutionary regime with cucumber and artichoke leaf water to achieve get fit.

However, within these modes, the lies going vegan for a while, you might be 10, 15, 20 days or a month.

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Discover the 5 most wanted seeds to burn fat

lose weightIn its small size, the seeds contain interesting paradoxes. Despite its modest presence, is one of the foods with the highest nutritional value? No wonder, since it contains in itself the germ of life. Moreover, some of them true panaceas how to burn fat are proclaimed. Do you know them? I challenge you to discover in this puzzle.

You wonder how it is possible that such a rich calorie food is included in weight loss diets. In fact, stand between the properties of seeds, fat burners.  But what about you? You.

Everything is explained and tricky. If you consume large volumes of seed, will be entering a significant amount of calories to your body. Nevertheless, given the difficulty of its digestibility and utilization, it is unlikely that you can overdo it without suffering the consequences.

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Evita few healthy snacks at night

dietUnhealthy snacks at night may boycott the success of a diet. So if you want to avoid this, keep in mind that some research suggests that ensure that if you take a protein breakfast can avoid snacking.

The snacks during the day and preferably in the evening hours can be one of the factors to derail your diet. With frequent snacking is very difficult to count how much you eat, how many calories you eat and the quality of them. Therefore, it is important to draw on different mechanisms that allow you to avoid unhealthy snacks.

According to some scientific research, one way would be consuming a high-protein breakfast. These studies reinforce the findings of previous studies.

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Increased blood fat and adipose tissue

dietFats are essential nutrients from the diet, but if they are not consumed in adequate quantity and quality can be harmful to health. Therefore, it is interesting to know how is the process in which dietary fat is converted in the liver to increase blood fats and adipose tissue.

The liver is the limb accountable for the metabolism of the major nutrients, among which are the fats.95 to 98% of total fat ingested with food is in the form of triglycerides. In the stomach digest fats preparing them to move to the intestine where they are emulsified by bile acids produced by the liver and secreted by the gallbladder.

Some of these fatty acids are absorbed into the intestinal mucosa and transported to the liver. If fat absorption is excessive these can cause fatty liver, which can be further complicated if you eat too much simple sugars.

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