Major diet

lose weightMuch is said about diets, but what is really a diet and their characteristics. If you want to know more about the world of dieting, do not miss this note in which you know its definition.

Mediterranean diet

There are many types of diets, balanced diets, restrictive diets, diets of different diseases associated with obesity, etc. But what is a diet.

Defining diet

A diet is the amount of food that is provided to an organism or period of 24 days. In the Immediate diet does not matter whether or not covered by your maintenance needs. Moreover, the term diet as a whole then absorbs nutrients from the usual food intake.

A diet should be tailored to the needs, tastes, and habits and conditions which each person; so that it is balanced and harmonious.Now that you know the definition of diet, another question related to the popular meaning of diet is opened.

Meaning popular diet

Popularly diet is associated with weight loss, which is a misconception because diet is what you eat every day, regardless if you are overweight or not. Also considered diets, food adapt to a person with diabetes or a person suffering from kidney disease.

Through diet can treat different conditions is overweight, cardiovascular disease, liver disease or diarrhea. however for this and for all types of diet are necessary to consider different basic data , such as sex, age, body type, height, current weight, physical activity and certain blood parameters for special cases.

In the case of weight loss diets, these aim to lose weight. Not all weight loss diets are equal, nor use the same methods to lose fat. Some are quick diets as a protein diet and others are slow but healthy diets such as the Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean diet

In all cases, diets must be individual and specific, regardless of the diet in question.Conclusion in the diet is a natural way to treat different diseases, with or without overweight.Recalls that to be healthy diet is necessary concurred a nutritionist, dietitian or nutritionist.

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