Lose weight and fat after bariatric surgery

dietIf you have performed a gastric bypass you may wonder if behind this operation you can re-gain weight. Well, if so do not overlook this note to determine whether fat diet and are part of the same process, after bariatric surgery.

Gastric bypass

The bariatric surgery is a treatment that can be useful for treating obesity in certain circumstances. Despite these benefits, there are many concerns and questions that may arise, such as whether you can return to not gain weight.

Can you re-gain weight after a gastric bypass?

The answer is yes. According to scientific data, between 20-87% of patients who have undergone the largest bariatric surgery to 2 years, they have gained weight. The magnitude of weight gain ranges from half a kilo to 60 kilos. Weight gain is frequently occurs between 3-6 years after surgery.

For some doctors, the 25% increase of the weight lost is enough to have another surgery. There are even cases that have not only gained weight but have regained diabetes.

What causes weight gain?

Decreased metabolism. Apparently after weight reduction induced by bariatric surgery, there is a reduction in basal metabolism, which contributes to weight pregnancies long term.

Sedentary. Another cause that can cause weight gain is inactivity, thereby incorporating physical activity is essential to complement the postoperative .

Increased food intake. If you have not done the relevant nutritional reeducation you can suffer from weight gain. According to some researchers, those who initially ate 900 calories / day, after 2 and a half increased their intake to 1400 cal / day. Frequent consumption of carbohydrates is associated with this weight gain, independent of caloric intake. If you consume high glycolic foods you consume, these stimulate insulin production and decrease biolysis.

Gastric bypass

Weight loss surgery can help you lose weight, but unless you change some habits and food can fatten again. Reeducation Food and incorporating exercise are key to maintaining weight loss you have achieved after the thinning process.

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