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dietEffective cognitive behavioral remedy for the cure of obesity

Do thoughts and mental processes can help you lose weight after bariatric surgery? This is a very good question for those who undergo this type of treatment. Such surgery is just the beginning of a long way to go that needs certain psychological therapies that allow effective results for treating obesity, such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

The first gastric bypass was performed in 2003, from there you have begun to evaluate the various benefits that this surgery has on health. While it is a tool that people with morbid obesity are at your fingertips, you need to change certain ways of thinking and habits that can cause the failure of the surgery.

Therefore, we assessed whether the thoughts and mental processes could help you lose weight after a surgery like this. Accordingly observed cognitive function is directly related to weight loss postoperative.

The change in mental processes and positive thoughts and assertive can not only help motivate and achieve the goal of losing weight, it can help you change habits and change a lifestyle that contributed to suffer morbid obesity.

To achieve that cognitive function enhances the positive effects of bariatric surgery and the boycott, it is important to cognitive behavioral therapy after surgery.

Cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of obesity consists of different processes that must be guided by psychologists who perform this type of therapy, which aims eventually to restructure the thinking and become aware of the habits and behaviors that have led to a disproportionate increase weight.

After several years of evaluation, it was observed that 88% of patients who had undergone bariatric surgery and postoperative complementary treatment with cognitive behavioral techniques were able to restructure their thinking, learn new eating behaviors and control anxiety.

This type of psychotherapy can be very favorable for those who undergo surgery to lose weight, as is known the relationship between anxiety and / or depression-obesity.

Positive thoughts and assertive can help you lose weight if you have had surgery to lose weight, why cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective psychological therapy to complement the general treatment.

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