How to take away the stomach and hips

Flat stomach and hipsThe main problem and the number one enemy of all women is overweight. It would seem worth just look at the sweetness and taste a piece, and he has and tries to settle in the form of fat rescue circle, affecting the stomach and hips. This problem is familiar to each of us and the reason for its occurrence can not be sweets and unhealthy diet and lack of adequate physical activity in general.

To regain lost form, it is first necessary to review your diet. It should consist with fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, milk and dairy products with low fat content.

How to remove belly and sides at home. Here is detailed sequence of actions, using which you can achieve a rapid effect. At the same time, before you remove the stomach and sides should establish a set of physical exercises, expanding their massage, which can be performed with ease and at home. To remove the sides and belly need not only classic exercise, but also additional equipment. Should stock hoop, you can buy and fitness ball. Exercise are not enough, as the first step towards a beautiful body will struggle with laziness and scheduling classes, increased motor activity throughout the day.

By effective exercises to eliminate body fat in the abdominal area must include rocking the press. Its many species, among which it is worth recalling classic and vertical reception cyclist with a touch of the elbow to the knee opposite side of the body. Exercises for a nice press include: lifting legs with retraction of the abdomen, squat. They should be diluted with torsion hoop, which is best done before and after exercise them. Basically each exercise should be performed at least 20 times with 2-3 repetitions, at least every other day.

To remove the side and do not forget about the hoop. Exercises that promote weight loss, it’s the classic slopes, lifting body, resting on one hand and press on the same cyclist. To eliminate the sides will be an effective means of cupping massage, honey wrap. Without these additional methods of weight loss in this area will be long. A good option would swim which allows not only taking care of problem areas – stomach and sides, but also for other parts of the body.

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