Hollywood Actress fit and privileged body

dietHalle Berry is one of the most popular Holly wood actresses worldwide. While it has already crossed the barrier of 40 she looks great with a privileged body. Therefore, I invite you to learn how to do to stay slim and fit.

Actresses and famous Holly wood actors are taken as reference by millions of people worldwide. Whether it is about your lifestyle, customs, clothing brand that used or what diet made. Well, this time I will provide you information about maintaining thin Halle Berry, actress Oscar winner in 2001 for the film Monster’s Ball.

Like any good Holly wood celebrity Halle Berry takes before a special diet known as 5-Factor Diet.

What is the 5 factor diet?

This diet is characterized by it’s distribute meals 5 times a day and being composed of 5 phases, within which a special diet combined with physical activity differentiated.

For this diet is important to eat 5 times a day, because with increasing meal frequency control of the quality and quantity of what you eat increases. When you eat several times a day small portions, you can decide what and how much to eat.

Meals should include foods low in fat, rich in proteins of high biological value and rich in complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables, legumes and fruits. Moreover, you must eliminate sugary drinks and replace them with water or diet drinks. Another feature is that, once a week you can eat what you want.

What is physical activity that accompanies the diet?

As previously mentioned physical activity is divided into 5 phases in combining aerobic or cardie exercise physical activity localized to strengthen muscles, prevent sagging and cellulite.

In conclusion we can say that if you see many of the diets that made the famous, such as Antonio Bandleaders and Madonna, the secret is a good combo feeding routine exercise. Actually there are not many secrets to the most famous have to have the will and perseverance to have a splendid body, regardless of age.

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