Fail its slimming benefits without harm health

dietProteins are required in certain diets for weight loss, but these are found in foods such as meat. So to that provokes its slimming benefits but do not harm your health should be lean meats. To better understand what your diet include meat, you need to know what is lean meat and because it is important for dieters.

In order to include meat in a diet to lose weight, cut calories and reduce fat is necessary that these are lean meats. But to choose correctly this type of meat is necessary that you know what they are.

According to the Department of Agriculture lean meat should have the following chemical composition per 100 gr.

Total Fat. Less than 10 gr.

Saturated Fat. 4.5 gr.

Cholesterol. 95 mg.

Also there are a little more lean meats, known as Extra Lean, whose composition changes slightly fats.

100 gr. extra lean meat contains:

Total Fat. Less than 5 grams.

Saturated Fat. 2 g.

Cholesterol. 95 mg.

From knowing the fat composition of lean and extra lean meats, need to know which cuts of meat fall into this classification.

Cuts of lean meats less than 10 gr. total fat / saturated fat

Lomo: 8.8 gr. / 4.06 gr.

Sirloin: 4.1 gr. / 1.86 gr.

Hip: 6 g. / 2.93 gr.

Cover 2 gr. / 0.88 gr.

Needle: 4.2 gr. / 2.03 gr.

Shoulder: 5.8 gr. / 2.41 gr.

Now that you know what are considered lean meats and cuts to choose what, you need to know why it is important for dieters.

Lean meats are the suggested meat in a diet to lose weight because it is not only important to count the calories, but also know the amount of fat that provides quality.

Obesity or overweight brings consequences many health complications, such as cholesterol, hyperglycemia, atherosclerosis, diabetes and various cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, if you are overweight you need to have in mind the amount of meat you consume but the cut of meat you choose.

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