Factors accumulate toxins in the body

dietExternal and acquired wastes can generate overweight

Over time the body accumulates toxins and internal and external waste that can cause disorders in both metabolism and overall health. Among the consequences that can cause this accumulation is overweight, so you better start understanding this process knowing the factors that accumulate these toxins in the body.

When toxins and wastes gather in the body, the cells begin to lose their vitality and metabolic functions deteriorate, causing alterations in different organs, such as liver, kidney, intestine and lungs among others.

Since ancient times, there is a belief that with the change of seasons, especially during the spring needed to debug or detoxify the body. Well, this popular belief has triggered the emergence of various cures debugging.

Nevertheless, to understand the beginning of these beliefs is interesting what factors cause the accumulation of toxins in the main purifying organs?


Excess consumption of table salt or sodium-containing products.

Insufficient water consumption.

Chemicals in foods, such as preservatives or dyes.


Excess consumption of alcohol, snuff, coffee, tea or cocoa.

Chemicals found in business harvest, such as preservatives and artificial colors.

Excessive consumption of animal fats such as Tran’s fats and saturated fats.

Insufficient use of deposit foods.


When you suffer from constipation is reabsorbed.

Now that you know what factors influence the accumulation of toxins in the body, keep in mind that there are two types of toxins.

Endogenous toxins are those produced by your body. These are products of infectious diseases, stress and anxiety.

Exogenous toxins are those that incorporate the body through different pathways.

Through the digestive tract. The intake of drugs, excess alcohol, excess red meat, fats, pesticide residues, artificial colors or preservatives.

By airway. Emanation of gases from factories, vehicles, fireplaces and cigarette.

Via epidermal. Paint or insecticide poisoning.

It may seem strange that the accumulation of toxins is directly related to obesity, but this harmful process can happen. Therefore it is very important not only to nurture the amount of food to eat but also the quality of them.

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