Discover the 5 most wanted seeds to burn fat

lose weightIn its small size, the seeds contain interesting paradoxes. Despite its modest presence, is one of the foods with the highest nutritional value? No wonder, since it contains in itself the germ of life. Moreover, some of them true panaceas how to burn fat are proclaimed. Do you know them? I challenge you to discover in this puzzle.

You wonder how it is possible that such a rich calorie food is included in weight loss diets. In fact, stand between the properties of seeds, fat burners.  But what about you? You.

Everything is explained and tricky. If you consume large volumes of seed, will be entering a significant amount of calories to your body. Nevertheless, given the difficulty of its digestibility and utilization, it is unlikely that you can overdo it without suffering the consequences.

The seeds, of which I speak, have among its components, two that are essential to mobilizing and burning fat: a high percentage of fiber and good fats.

Good fats are essential fatty acids that play important roles. Thereby, do not accumulate in fat deposits, but which are used in the metabolic processes of the body.

For its part, the fibers help clean the digestive tract, dragging the bad fats you eat with other foods.

Returning to our 5 star seeds which refers to burn fat, here are some hints to help you to discover:

Used as poultry feed. For human consumption must be free of silica.

Plant whose systematic name is Salvia Hispanic, rich in Omega 3.

It comes from a plant, whose flowers turn to the sun.

It is the basic ingredient of thin.

From a get oil in many industrial applications and nutritional properties.

Discover these 5 seeds in the puzzle below.

The passion in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction from top to bottom or bottom to top, right to left or left to right.

When you discover one, click on the first letter and drag your mouse over the letters that complete the name.

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