Different nutritional characteristics for different diets

lose weightDairy foods are important in a diet to lose weight, but you may wonder which is better; if the dairy animal or vegetable origin milk. Well, in this note we answer.

Glass of milk

The selection of food is essential for the realization of a diet to lose weight, which can generate a series of questions, especially if you have to choose between food of plant or animal origin.

There are many conflicting opinions about it, not so much for its slimming properties but for their nutritional characteristics.

Advocates of vegetarianism, think that the dairy animal would cause adverse health effects; while proponents of conventional power believe that animal milk are better quality dairy vegetarians, by the contribution of proteins of high biological value.

This same controversy arises when thin, which is why they are best for weight loss?

Dairy plant or animal, which is better?

Actually both natural products are good for weight loss, since both have different nutritional characteristics that promote weight loss.

Dairy animal. This milk provides protein of high biological value, which when consumed within a protein diet favoring fatty tissue loss. In addition, these foods contain calcium also stimulates the thinning process. Within this group you can find skim milk, low fat cheese and low fat yogurt. Usually they are included in balanced diets and protein diets.

Vegetable milk. This milk provide, unlike animal fiber and antioxidants, which stimulate cells to burn fat, as well as increase the metabolism, and purifying the body. Furthermore provide unsaturated fatty acids instead of saturated fats and cholesterol. This category includes dairy milks and its derivatives, such as tofu. They are included in balanced diets and vegetarian diets.

Glass of milk

Neither is better or worse than the other because they have different properties that can help you lose weight. Therefore, when dieting you can include both dairy animal and plant foods.

The can eat breakfasts, snacks or snacks. Do not miss the opportunity to lose weight healthily with a balanced diet that allows you to lose weight and nourish properly.

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