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lose weightToday it can be goddess mother simultaneously. A clear example is the model Heidi Klum, who with her four children reveals his secrets to diet and maintain an enviable figure.

There is nothing new under the sun, good nutrition and daily exercise may be the great secret of beauty so difficult to accept. This attests such as world famous model Heidi Klum, who has achieved his desire to be a mother of four children and wear a figure that allows you to model for major brands and be a reference for many women.

But what are the secrets of diet and feeding?

To get back into shape after childbirth, Heidi has based his diet in The Last New York Body Plan. This plan considered by David Kirsch is based on a diet high protein low calorie, supplemented with a daily fitness routine.

What is the last body plan ofNew Yorkand The Ultimate New York Body Plan?

This plan consists of 4 steps and promises to see results in 15 days into it.The first step is for your body and you remove deputes bad habits from your diet. It is important to consume foods that detoxify your body with physical activity to help this process.

At this stage it is important to increase metabolism and burn fat this requires making exercise, followed by a diet with features to help you enhance caloric expenditure. To increase metabolism, performed protein diet.

At this stage you begin to tone the body, increase muscle mass at the expense of adipose tissue. At this stage fresh foods like fruits and vegetables and some whole grains are incorporated. You need to remove foods containing white flour.

The objective of this stage is to keep the results and maintain a healthy weight to your requirements to allow you to improve your quality of life.

In any case, the diets are customized as well as exercise routine.As you can read beyond the adaptation of diet, exercise is essential to increase metabolism and burn fat.

Therefore, at your own pace and according to your needs is important encouraging you to add daily physical activity to your life, you’ll see that if you make these routines and adapt your diet you will begin to see results. It all depends on the changes you make to your daily routines.

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