Alternative treatment habits and your weight

weight loseWhen making the decision to lose weight you can choose different paths that complement. This is the case Trophology, an alternative treatment that allows you to lose the extra kilos, correcting your eating habits.

There are many alternatives available when looking to lose weight. There are conventional treatments and alternative treatments. Within these latter is Trophology. But what is?

Well, Trophology is the science of natural food in relation to their physical and organic body.  Trophology for if the individual does not feed properly imbalance occurs and therefore the disease.

Trophology considers the nutritional value of a food is its chemical composition but the extent of digestibility. If a food is not digested well nourished but not intoxicating.

This treatment is based on Dietary intake of plant foods, discarding the meat. Though there are some variants that allow Trophology consume one meal with meat.

These principles can be used both to stay at a healthy weight to lose those extra kilos that bother you so much.

Moreover, it is important to Trophology how you combine the foods allowed.

How can it help you lose weight Trophology?

The main objective is that you achieve acquire new food and living habits that allow you to lose weight naturally by eating plant foods such as fruits , vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds combined in a special way with or without a portion of meats.

Principles of food combining

Foods like vegetables, cabbage and sprouts are eaten raw convenient, combined with foods containing vegetable proteins.

Foods like vegetables can be combined with raw vegetables.

Foods containing vegetable fats and oils and seeds can be eaten with fruits and vegetables.

Combines whole foods such as vegetables and grains starchy vegetables like potatoes.

Foods such as whole grains, oils, olives and nuts.

Whole grains and prudish vegetables with cottage cheese are a combination accepted.

Whole meal bread combined with fruits and vegetables.

Here is some combination of foods allowed to take the most of the slimming benefits thereof.

Remember, you must reduce or completely eliminate processed foods from your diet. These lifestyle changes, combined with daily physical activity will help you lose weight and improve your quality of life. The simpler the diet, the better the results.

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