Addictive diseases and obesity

dietThere are many myths behind bariatric surgery and one of the big questions is whether bariatric patients are more likely to develop alcoholism. This questioning is that both obesity and alcoholism can be addictive diseases.

Obesity is associated with various diseases associated with depression and / or anxiety, which can trigger addictions such as alcoholism. While this association may exist as both diseases are associated because they are addictions, this relationship is not always and in patients who have undergone occurs bariatric surgery.

According to the data we have, only a small percentage of patients who have undergone bariatric surgery alcohol abuse. Actually this association occurs in people above and consumed alcoholic beverages.

If alcohol is consumed during the period of rapid weight loss, alcohol sensitivity increases after bariatric surgery, so that the harmful effects of alcohol feels consuming fewer alcoholic beverages.

Even, it has been studied that certain bariatric techniques increase the absorption of alcohol and therefore its concentration in blood increases, such as gastric bypass or mastectomy as mange. Even the concentration of alcohol in blood is higher even if before of these surgeries the same amount of alcohol he drank.

For all this to bariatric patients give you some suggestions in relation to consumption of alcohol.

Caution regarding drinking

Avoid drinking alcohol during the rapid weight loss.

Avoid driving or operating machinery after drinking alcohol.

If you feel that alcohol is managing your life, it’s time to seek help.

Keep in mind that, after bariatric surgery drinking small amounts of alcohol can cause intoxication.

In conclusion it is necessary that you consider that if consumes alcohol before doing surgery, you have to be very careful because in equal amounts, the effects will be different. Bariatric surgery after the effect is greater, although the volume consumed is equal to or less.

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